Overcome the crippling feelings of doubt and worry 


and become the confident, self-led natural parent you know you can be.

As expecting, new or seasoned mothers, we expect to deal with things like morning sickness, breastfeeding challenges, loss of sleep, stepping on LEGO in the dark, and trying to get our toddlers to eat veggies.

But what most of us aren’t prepared for is the endless chatter that consumes our minds and prevents us from being the parent we want to be.

Because all the competing voices of our society are so loud…

He needs discipline...She needs structure...You need to stop picking up your baby...He needs to go to daycare to socialize...

It silences our own instincts and intuition and turns the bold, courageous roar of our motherhood into a dull, distant sound we can barely make-out.

We start to make ourselves small. Doubt our choices. Parent in the dark where nobody sees. We start to feel lonely in a period of our lives that should be nothing but a celebration, a coming together, an affirmation of our humanity, not a destruction of it.

Is my mother-in-law right?...Am I wrong?...Should I order the time-out chair on Amazon?...Am I ruining my marriage by cosleeping with our baby?

And so your inner voice becomes...

The back and forth conflict is not only paralyzing. It is silencing.

But I know that you set out to do things differently.

To parent from a place of love, not fear.
To embrace your child’s biological need for attachment and trust.
To guide their behavior gently and consciously.
To be mindful of your responses and protect your connection.
To enjoy and evolve through motherhood.
To encourage the joy of childhood; things like freedom, play and exploration.

I’m Tracy, and I’m on the journey with you, encouraging you to forge your own path.

The truth is, it is possible to:

Uncover a more holistic, intuitive and instinctive approach to motherhood

Learn how to define natural parenting for yourself

Gain the confidence to stay honest and vulnerable along your parenting journey

Stop worrying about what everyone else says and do what you feel is best for your child

Discover a newfound sense of calm and resilience to take on each new day with joyful anticipation

It all starts with finding the courage to hold an unpopular opinion.

If you’re tired of going against what you instinctively know to be true, feeling physically ill with indecision, anxiety and even paranoia, it’s time to breathe in long and deep.

Things are changing here; right now.

As the mother of your child, you are innately a leader. And I believe indecision does not necessarily mean we don’t know what decision to make, but that we don’t have the support or the know how to confidently and consistently follow through in our leadership.

That’s why I’ve poured years of research, truth-seeking, soul-searching, and evidence into this...

The Confident Parent

How to Boost Your Courage & Strengthen Your Leadership


With loving instruction and plenty of inner reflection, I’ll help you find the courage and grit to stop giving too-much-of-a toss what everyone else thinks and instead, follow through on what feels right for your family - be it cosleeping, breastfeeding, homeschooling, gentle discipline, and any other not-so-popular act of natural parenting.

This is the sign and the nod of permission you’ve been looking for to go against the grain, to be a strong leader for your family, and to show your kids the immeasurable value of authenticity and staying true to one’s beliefs.

This is your real life, not your practice life.

It’s time to confidently take ownership of every decision.

What You’ll Find Inside the Course



In this first module we’ll get to the heart of what natural parenting is all about, what it isn’t about, and why being a natural parent requires a different skillset than the mainstream. I will help you develop a clear vision for your parenting journey, craft your family values and understand why it’s so important to be guided by your why, not your how.

The Joy of Natural Parenting


Next you’ll uncover how we, as humans, are wired to make choices, what factors influence those choices, how you can leverage guilt in a positive way in your decision making, the secrets to distinguishing between grabby headlines, and discerning between scare tactics and good science so you’re not influenced by peer pressure. We will then apply this knowledge, both inside your own family and with your broader family and friends. 

The Science of Choices


Then you’ll learn how to make decisions that are in alignment with your family values, where your decision making patterns originated and why they need to evolve, how to leverage mindfulness as a tool, the three questions we need to ask before making a decision and how to start recognising invisible (or hidden) choices.

The Art of Decision Making


Lastly, you’ll learn how to set healthy boundaries with your loved ones, how to find the courage to make your choices based on hopes not fears, and why becoming a humble, curious and strong leader will make you a happier and more fulfilled parent, while allowing you to easily navigate and overcome both judgment and conflict.

The Strength of Leadership

Action steps at the end of each lesson to implement the teachings

Inspiring quotes & prompts throughout

Recommended resources, books, videos, podcasts & more for further learning

Beautiful design and colorful images

Easy-to-follow slides with audio instruction

A PDF of each lesson that you can later refer back to and use as self-prompts

Worksheets to answer the questions presented in the slides

Each Module & Lesson is Filled With:


Let me teach you how to lead.

In the words of Simon Sinek: “There are leaders and there are those who lead. Leaders hold a position of power and authority, but those who lead inspire us. We follow those who lead not because we have to, but because we want to.” 

Meet Tracy

the founder, writer and advocate behind the award-winning blog, Raised Good - a guide to natural parenting in the modern world. Based in Vancouver and originally launched in 2016, I’ve been overwhelmed by the positive response and the global community that’s developed.

Our common thread is that our instincts are telling us something about the way our culture tells us to raise children isn’t working. And while I may not have all the answers, I’m willing to ask the tough questions and advocate for kids and for you, their brave and amazing mum.

Together we’re reclaiming the wonder of motherhood and the joy of childhood one decision at a time.

I'm Tracy

Hi there!

Here’s What You’ll Receive

4 modules
12 lessons
12 worksheets & PDFs
1 investment into your family’s peace of mind



1 payment of


How we deal with our inner world drives everything…
Every aspect of how we love, how we live, how we parent, and how we lead.”


- Susan David, Psychologist, research & author

When you enroll in the course, you also get access to these FREE bonuses

Bonus 1: Recommended Podcasts and TED Talks
A list of my all-time favorite audio bits to educate and inspire

Bonus 2: Mindfulness Starter Guide
A guide to help you become more mindful and hear your own voice 

Bonus 3: Affirmation Quotes
A bundle of quotes you can print out and hang around your house to uplift and encourage

 Get Access to the Private, Invitation-Only Raised Good Facebook Group 

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Additional bonus

This course is perfect for you if...

You’re starting to question the conventional parenting practices that surround you

You want a wise, loving guide to help you distinguish between fact and opinion

You’re ready to tune in to your intuition and overcome the judgements of others

You’re ready to fully know WHY you make the choices that you do

You’re ready to become a more conscious, courageous and confident parent

Sound like you?



Let’s See If It’s Been Answered Here...

Have Questions?

I recommend completing the course over a four-week period, so that you complete one module per week. But if you’re eager, you can certainly complete it faster.

How long does it take to complete the course?

There are three lessons in each module. 

How many lessons are in each module?

As this course is digital in nature, it can’t be returned. That being said, it’s extremely important to me that every student feels they received a worthwhile education on this topic. If you’re at all unsatisfied after fully completing the course, please get in touch at tracy@raisedgood.com to voice your concerns and I’d be happy to continue the conversation.

Are refunds available?

You can learn more about The Lost Art of Natural Parenting eBook here. This course is different as it takes a course format with a very actionable approach to help you increase your confidence and strengthen your leadership as a parent. The eBook is a great introduction to the concept of “natural parenting”, covers different topics and will provide you with research and evidence-based insights to explore this topic further. They are complementary products so we do encourage purchasing both to benefit from what each has to offer.

How is this course different than The Lost Art of Natural Parenting eBook?

You will have lifetime access to the course (for as long as it’s hosted and available). You will also receive free updates to future versions of the course and be notified of any additional courses Raised Good offers.

Is there a time limit on how long I’ll be able to access the course?

Become the confident parent and leader your child needs you to be.