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We took our son on his first hike when he was just a few weeks old. I babywore him on the trails in the canyons and lakes around our home every day for his afternoon nap well into toddlerhood.  

Because getting outside is a huge priority for our family. We’re hikers. It’s a part of our identity, it’s what we do. So, when our baby was born we kept going.  

Did it get harder? You bet it did.  

But boy is it worth it. And while the adventures may have mellowed the experience grows richer. On a recent trip to Utah, I asked our son on a dawn hike through red rock country how being outside in wild places made him feel. Without hesitation he said, “free”.  

Wild and free.

That’s what I want for my son. To grow his confidence naturally. To feel connected to nature. To feel compassion for the animals we share the planet with and are responsible to protect.  

And that is why if follow Raised Good on Instagram you may have noticed that most of my son’s outdoor wardrobe is Patagonia. And if you’ve ever met me and my family on the trail you may have noticed the three of us are almost a walking, talking Patagonia advertisement. Why? Because we love what Patagnia stands for. Their mission is to be in business to save our home planet. And boy do they walk the walk - they are activists who sell clothes to fund change.  

The places we choose to spend our dollars matters so when we need to stay warm on the trail and buy a fleece or a down jacket, it’s a no brainer to do so with Patagonia.  

If you want to spend time outdoors with your kids the clothes you choose make a huge difference - a cold child is a miserable child but having the right gear makes all the difference. So here are all the layers and pieces that have made up my son’s outdoor wardrobe since he was a baby and have helped us reach heights we never dreamed possible.