Before you sleep train your baby, you need to read these guides first

Night Sleep

Your nighttime parenting choices matter.

They have an impact on your relationship with your child. On your attitude toward parenting. On your child’s mental and emotional development.

Yet, we’re told in western society that our babies don’t need to be responded to after the sun goes down. That we need to follow a set of strategies, and that if we don’t, we’re setting ourselves up for failure or worse still, we’re failing our children.

The rules are black and white. Solitary sleep. Drowsy but awake. Feed, play, sleep. Self-soothing. Sleep training.

But, these rules don’t make sense to you.

And they shouldn’t.

Because they’re arbitrary.

Because they are not backed by science.

Because they are not rooted in developmental psychology, nor are they supported by neuroscience.

Your intuition tells you this. Your baby tells you this. But, what if science agrees wholeheartedly?

What if you had at your fingertips evidence-based bite-sized research that proves not only are mainstream practices potentially harmful, but that gentle and responsive parenting is critical to the healthy development of your child?

What if you had a series of evidence-based guides to share with your paediatrician when he suggests that all bedsharing is dangerous?

Or with your mother-in-law when she tells you that it’s time to sleep train?

Or with your friend when she says you are creating a rod for your own back if you nurse your baby to sleep?

Or with your husband when he’s worried that everyone else has a baby who sleeps through the night, yet yours doesn’t?

Good Science Guides - The Sleep Series covers
“This series of six digital guides will inform, inspire and empower you with bite-sized, evidence-based, up-to-date scientific research on how babies are designed to be parented through the night.”


This is what you, my amazing readers were asking for. So, I spent the last six months studying over one hundred peer-reviewed journal articles on the science of infant and toddler sleep so that I could create the Good Science Sleep Guides.

I’ve done the tireless research, so you don’t have to.

Because I want you to enjoy your motherhood rather than wasting your precious time googling, “is it ok to nurse my baby to sleep?” I want you to relax in the knowledge that your choice to be responsive to your baby is the right one.

I’m passionate about presenting you with the truth about biologically normal infant sleep so that you can make informed decisions based on the evidence, rather than being swayed by popular opinion.

My wish for you is that your baby’s early years lay the foundation for strong attachment that will set the trajectory of your relationship with your child for life. Because you baby is wise. Your baby knows that although infancy is incredibly demanding, the path ahead will test your emotional resilience and he needs to be able to lean on you.

He is looking for a reliable and safe landing, rather than being thrown in the deep end to find his way alone. Young babies know only one way to ensure the roots of your mutual attachment run deep and true and strong; proximity. Babies begin their journeys of attachment through contact, touch and closeness.

Your baby needs you; it is that simple and that hard.

Surrendering to the “as is” of nighttime parenting isn’t a weakness, it is a strength. It is choosing to live in reality, rather than delusion. It is flowing with your child, rather than fighting against them.

So, I have created a roadmap of sorts. A series of six digital guides on the science of nighttime parenting that will fuel your confidence and show you why the choices you’re making are serving a greater purpose, no matter how countercultural they may seem.

So, what are parents and experts saying about the Good Science Sleep Guides?

pinky mckay

“The Good Science Sleep Guides are a ‘must read’ for both parents and professionals who work with families. They are meticulously researched but also an easy read for tired parents. They will support you to make evidence-based choices about your child’s sleep needs and nurture in a way that supports optimum development and secure attachment. Above all, the Good Science Sleep Guides will help you ditch the pressure to ‘train’ your baby by ignoring signalling of your child’s very real needs. They will reassure you that you are not ‘creating bad habits’ or the proverbial ‘rod for your back’ by responding as your heart is calling you to your child. Save yourself and your baby the tears of self-doubt by reading these important guides.”

– Pinky McKay IBCLC | Mother of five, best-selling author ‘Sleeping Like a Baby’

zelma tolley

“The Sleep Series is everything parents need but are not always given – either by their health care providers or their peers. The information is clear, concise and affirming. Parents will exude confidence after reading these. Anything that supports a parent to trust their instincts and promotes practicality is an asset. I am grateful to have such a brilliant resource to refer my clients to. As always, Tracy has added value and perspective to the parenting community in a big way.”

– Zelma Tolley | Mother and Founder, The Postnatal Project

carley mendes

“Tracy’s approach is the much-needed reassurance that every tired parent so desperately needs. Her guidance allows mothers to tap into their intuitive wisdom, which can often become clouded with lack of sleep. Tracy helps us realign with our biological truths, which is an infinite comfort and relief. The Good Science Guides Sleep Series is the salve that so many require when nothing else seems to resonate. I wish every parent received a copy when their baby was born. Thank you for doing what you do, Tracy.”

– Carley Mendes | Mother, Holistic Nutritionist, and Founder, Oh Baby Nutrition

good sleep guide icon

“For evidence based support and information The Good Science guides by Tracy Gillet are second to none. Not only does Gillet dispel a raft of common myths around breastfeeding, breastfeeding to sleep and shared sleeping, but she’s created the tools to help mothers feel truly empowered to begin to parent consciously in an accessible and intelligent way. I would highly recommend this fantastic series to any new parent.”

– Hannah Shone | Publisher, The Natural Parent Magazine

andrea andric

“These guides are an absolutely amazing resource for all parents – whether it’s your first time or not! They are incredibly thorough, well-researched and referenced without being too difficult to read. As a first-time mum, I had many of the doubts that have been dispelled by finding out (sometimes the hard way) what Tracy has so eloquently and beautifully put together in these guides. The information is so beautifully laid out that you can’t help but read it and these are incredibly well-priced for the amount of work and research that has gone into them. If you’re considering buying any sort of guide to your breastfeeding and sleep journey, you only need this one!”

– Andrea Andric | Mother, Digital Marketing Specialist and Administrator for the Beyond Sleep Training Project

Take Back Your Power to Parent Through The Night

As a new mama recently said to me, everywhere a parent goes there is advice. Social media, family gatherings, doctor’s appointments, dinners with friends. And when everyone keeps parroting the same information over and over again, you may be tempted to start to believing it’s true.  You may start to wonder, do they know something you don’t know? Sleep train! Drowsy but awake! Bedsharing is dangerous!

But when you hold your baby, when you nurse her to sleep at 3am, when you feel as though she is the only person on the planet who truly sees YOU, all the advice swirling around in your head doesn’t line up with what feels right to you. You simply can’t leave your baby to cry it out in her crib.

But doubt creeps in and you wonder, are you a terrible mother for letting her sleep on your chest? For nursing her to sleep? Are you spoiling her? Endangering her?

As you nurse her through the night, you furiously google things like “risk factors of SIDS” and then literally calculate the percentage of your baby dying of SIDS. You bedshare but you don’t smoke – do those two factors equally offset each other or is one factor a higher risk than the other? You’re breastfeeding so that helps, but exactly how much?

So, you Google it. All. Through. The. Night.

When you should be sleeping, you’re searching for validation that what you’re doing isn’t bad or wrong or unsafe. You’re craving confirmation that what you feel to be so right is also so normal.

And that is what these guides are for. To help you get more sleep. To stop Googling. To stop second guessing.

As Tonya, beautiful mama of one says, “You, your guides, your social media presence is so important to me. I share your page with moms all the time. I wish I had found you sooner. Your message is human, realistic, intuitive and now research based. I mostly don’t talk about breastfeeding and bedsharing with people in my life because it is so misunderstood. But with your guides I feel like I can combat their misinformation and help them understand not only why it’s “okay” that I’m still doing both with my 2-year-old, but that it’s so so important. There isn’t enough thanks I can give for you giving me that power.”

Take back your power mama!

Don’t feel guilty.

Don’t feel alone.

Don’t feel wrong.

Take charge of your nighttime parenting choices and make your own rules!

More reviews of The Good Science Sleep Guides

“I’ve been working my way through the guides and now sharing them with my husband. I have found the information about night waking, feeding and the impact of stress hormones so interesting and reassuring as they are really validating my choices and supporting my instinct. It is amazing how much my mood has changed since my expectations have changed. When I was previously aiming for the 7-7 sleeper because that’s what I thought she should be doing, I used to groan and think “ugh not again. Just go to sleep!” when my babe woke up during the night. Now, I fling back the covers and jump up like “🤩 mama is coming for cuddles, YES!” Now I am so keen to move her back into our room, just waiting until my hubby finishes reading the guides before I start that conversation. I can’t thank you enough for creating these guides! I really cannot emphasise enough how wonderful they are. Bite-sized, evidence based information that reaffirms my instinct…it’s honestly been a game changer for me!” Tanya, Mother to 5-month-old baby girl

“The Good Science Sleep guides have helped me shift my expectations and put down the mantel of “should” allowing me to sink and just enjoy this time with my son in a completely new way! When I’m a feeling lost in the harshness of this world, it’s my favourite practice to just sit with your words and remind my soul of their importance.” Claire Doty, Mother to one baby boy


Good Science Guides - The Sleep Series covers
“This series of six digital guides will inform, inspire and empower you with bite-sized, evidence-based, up-to-date scientific research on how babies are designed to be parented through the night.”


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    October 25, 2019

    Tracy! I can’t believe it took me so long to find your blog. What you are saying here is 100% true. There’s something so deeply flawed with this culture of sleep training that so many parents are pigeon-holed into. “If you don’t sleep train your baby will NEVER….” It’s such a lie. That are only little once, and they absolutely need you during this time. That solid foundation is so crucial to their development later on. Thank you for working to spread the word! Parents everywhere need to know that there is another option.

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