You’re a Modern Mamma, But in The Ancient You Are Home


“You’re a modern mamma!”
They like to spruik this news
“A modern mamma, a modern world;
The old ways, you must lose”

Prepare the baby’s room
With a monitor and a cot
Lay with your baby sleeping?
Oh, you certainly must not!

“You’re a modern mamma!”
You need all of your sleep
So ignore him ‘til he vomits
Soon, he will not make a peep!

And why feed him with your body?
Gross, go get it in a can!
Processed powder’s just as good
As milk designed specifically for man.

“You’re a modern mamma!”
So when your little boy turns one
It’s cow’s milk, thrice per day,
For your precious, bovine son!

And boy, why does he cry like that?
Well, I think it’s kind of funny,
When people screech with sheer disdain
“He’s using you as a dummy!”

Well no, my dear, you’ve actually
Got it backwards and reversed,
That plastic teat was designed
To copy being nursed?

“You’re a modern mamma!”
Get back to ‘real’ work, fast.
You WANT to stay at home how long?!
Eyes wide and mouths aghast.

“Stop it!”, I just want to scream.
“Yes, you’re right, I’m modern”.
But I’ve given it a lot of thought;
Your advice is pretty rotten.

Don’t you know that ‘modern’ humans
Are still just mammals too?
That mothers curled with nursing babes
Aren’t just for gawking at the zoo?

“Yes, you’re right, I’m modern”.
I treat sickness and disease.
I’m modern when it comes to things like
Seatbelts, and vaccines.

But I’m not too modern to realise,
That we are living things.
We are not robots set on ‘easy’
Demanding convenience like Kings.

Our modern race is ancient,
Meant to live within a tribe,
But this backwards world demands
That you pick the solo ride.

“Yes, you’re right, I’m modern”
But I pulse to an ancient beat.
Primal blood and spirit, racing
On ancestral feet.

There’s instinct in my soul,
I feel mother to the bone.
Modern may be lucky but
In the ancient, I am home.


Nina Morales is a mamma from Sydney, Australia who lives and breathes all things attachment parenting. She started writing about motherhood when her son was born. Find her on Instagram where she regularly shares her poems and musings about love, life and motherhood at @frommammawithlove


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