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Why the theory of baby’s learning to self soothe by being left alone is unfounded  

Where the cultural myth of babies needing to cry to develop their lungs originated and why you can let your mother-in-law know she can let that one go  

Why the tactic of bigger and fewer feedings is potentially damaging for the breastfeeding relationship (and doesn’t help babies sleep)  

Why babies don’t need sleep training to learn to sleep   

Why breastfeeding is normal, healthy and anything but a bad sleep association  

Once we disempower cultural myths and see them for what they are we free ourselves of the ‘rules’ of modern parenthood. Guided by the facts, science-based evidence and biological norms - rather than outdated opinions - you will be able to meet your baby’s needs while feeling happier, more fulfilled and more secure in your new roles as a mother. 

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Praise for Raised Good

“Just tonight I stumbled upon your website and in the past hour I have obsessively read every blog post and I have invited five dear friends and new mothers like myself to share in the journey on Raised Good. From co-sleeping, to vaccinations to baby wearing, you speak my language! I was beginning to think I was alone in my thoughts and actions of 'outside the box' / 'non-conventional' parenting. It's nice to know, I'm just natural.”

- Emily

“It's fantastic to see in action the kind of family unit I dream of having, so thank you for showing me it's possible. You've put real thought, passion and love into [this], and I can only hope to create my own family dynamic incorporating similar facets at some point!”

- Charlie

“When I was alone and confused and doubting myself, you gave me the strength I needed to trust myself and be confident in my superpowers! [My daughter] is so happy and well-adjusted and just about to turn one! She is taking her first steps and constantly in conversation with me. We have such a deep bond. It is an amazing emotional time and I just wanted to thank you for your part in it.”

- Jessica

“Thank you!! I’m a Mama to an eight-month-old baby boy and your content calms my heart and mind so so well. Thank you for doing your research, blazing a path, and lighting the way for others! I appreciate your work more than you’ll ever fully know”  

- Becky

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