Infuse your parenting choices with connection, curiosity and confidence so your child can unfold into the brightest expression of their truest selves.


The Attached Child

by Raised Good

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You can feel it, can’t you?

There is a stirring, a longing, a knowing within your soul to connect deeply with your child. 

You want to hold your baby close.

You want to respond to your child’s needs.

You’re moved to hold space for your child’s big emotions.

You feel as though you’re developing a sixth sense for understanding his internal experience and the way he moves through the world.

But, you’re worried. Why?


Over the years, I’ve conversed with hundreds if not thousands of parents around the globe inside of the Raised Good Facebook Group, on Instagram, and by email. 

It hasn’t made sense to them either.

Because truly, how could providing a stable sense of love and trust in their most formative years lead to problems now...or later? 

Is that even possible?

It’s for parents like you who seek to do things naturally and intuitively.

I created it to alleviate your fears.
To boost your confidence.
To rouse your intuition.
To ignite joy, curiosity and wonder.

These are the questions I set out to answer through Raised Good’s flagship secure attachment course,
The Attached Child.

Because the research is cleaR...

The most important predictor for how well your child turns out is whether or not they develop a secure attachment with at least one caregiver.
It’s that simple.

Better emotional regulation 
Greater self-esteem
Improved resilience 
More fulfilling relationships
More happiness and less anger towards their parents
Greater problem-solving abilities
The ability to ask for help when they are in trouble
Lasting friendships and improved dynamics 
Healthier sibling relationships
More protection against feeling hopeless or helpless about life
Being able to trust the people they love
The know how and ability to demonstrate kindness
The belief that good things will happen

In fact, attachment science is the most researched theory in developmental psychology. With over 60 years of cross-cultural research, we know that children with a secure attachment enjoy: 

The good news is that parenting through
attachment is full of simplicity and hope.

It’s a perfect system designed by mother nature, predicated on the idea that we are imperfect humans. Mother nature knows we will mess up. We will get it wrong. We will have bad days and wish for do-overs. And parenting through attachment is the safety net that will catch you!

Because our kids don’t need perfect parents.
There is no such thing.

They need parents who show up for them when they need us most. They need parents who are willing to repair our mistakes when we mess up and evolve alongside our kids. 

Every single time you show up for your child, you’re wiring your child’s brain for calm, connection, and trust. 

Every single time you mess up and repair with your child, you’re wiring your child’s brain for resilience, safe relationships, and strength of character. 


The longitudinal research on child development clearly demonstrates that one of the very best predictors for how any child turns out - in terms of happiness, social and emotional development, leadership skills, meaningful relationships and even academic and career success - is whether they developed security from having at least one person who showed up for them.”


Modern parenting can feel complicated.

Parenting through attachment is the opposite.

It is full of shoulds and strategies.

Helping your child develop a secure attachment won’t always be easy, but it’s a very simple idea.

No matter what’s happening in the moment with your child, secure attachment can be your north star, your compass that guides you to where you’re going. 

Parenting through attachment will teach you that you don’t need to find the answers - because you are your child’s answer.

Secure Attachment is Universal 

There isn’t a child on the planet that doesn’t need secure attachment. 

This isn’t a parenting style, this is a biological need. 

And a side benefit?


Learning to parent through attachment won’t just benefit your child. As you begin to view relationships through this new lens of attachment, you will also experience a positive impact on every relationship in your life—with your partner, your own parents, your friends, and perhaps most importantly - with yourself.

Attachment makes us human.

I’m not sharing theory or wishful thinking. I'm sharing how you can form a lifelong connection, as backed by scientific research.

For a moment, just imagine if:

You could speak a language that your child could understand
You could face parenting without fear of losing control
You could truly enjoy being with your children again without the need to threaten, yell or manipulate them into action

...What would that do for your family and day-to-day life?

Truthfully, this is what’s possible for you. And as you understand the true power of attachment, and slow down enough to listen and understand where your child is coming from, you’ll completely change their lives forever.

The Attached Child


A 4-module, self-paced course that teaches you the heart and science of secure attachment so your child can experience a lifetime of love, belonging and joy.


What parents like you are saying 

“Before I took the Attached Child course, I was constantly frustrated with my children and feeling guilty about my parenting style. I had read all the right books but was still struggling.

After a year of being home with my children, trying to connect through school and quality time, I felt more distant than ever. Life is busy, but I decided it was worth slowing down and taking the time to invest in understanding this topic (even though my children are older).  

Tracy’s secure attachment course helped me understand the way our brains are wired for connection and I began to see that the pressure I was putting on my kids to be “independent” and to prepare for “real life” was totally unnecessary.

When I shifted my focus to connecting with them, letting them need me, and allowing them to be seen and heard vs. “molding them”, I began to see so much joy in our home and best of all, their true independence and confidence emerged.”

- Sarah T

Sarah's family experienced joy in their home and their children's independence and confidence emerged.

"I am a mother of 2 young boys; a 5-year-old and a 10-month-old. I have been parenting by attachment through instinct and gentle guidance from Tracy’s Raised Good blog posts since my eldest was born. I was so excited when I heard that Tracy had put together a course all about attachment. I've just finished Module One and I already feel incredibly validated and reassured in my gentle parenting choices. I felt compelled to reach out to other parents or parents-to-be to share my thoughts. 

Through exploring ‘The Attached Child’ I can now piece together the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of attachment parenting; I have already experienced so many ‘Uh-huh’ moments. I especially love that ‘The Attached Child’ is self-led making it super parent-friendly. This course is a beautiful place to start you on your attachment journey or to meet you along the way with your children. Reaffirming. Inspiring. Knowledgeable. The pool of resources is incredible! I look forward to continuing my journey with Tracy in The Attached Child course and beyond as I parent my two wild souls." 

- Laura S

Laura feels validated and reassured in her gentle parenting choices after completing Module One.

"As a mom who struggles a lot with anxiety and worry about others’ perceptions, The Attached Child course has given me so much more confidence in why we do things the way we do with our son, and how incredibly valuable the attachment we are building is. It provides solid reminders of why to choose our relationship with our kids, every time, over the opinions of others. 

This course has also continued to build upon the reparenting work I have started (after listening to some of Tracy’s summit interviews), in getting to the roots of my own struggles as a parent to become more aware and mindful of how I respond to and care for my son. I’ve been learning that parenting is a challenging and beautiful journey of growth and transformation, not just for our children, but for us.

The information shared in this course is encouraging, challenging, and thoroughly researched. I am so grateful to now have so much solid evidence to refer back to all organized together in a cohesive package. Tracy’s voice of advocacy for our children is a true breath of fresh air in the midst of societal pressure from Western parenting practices." 

- Brittany V

Brittany has been able to get to the roots of her struggles to be more aware and mindful as a parent.

Here’s What You’ll Find Inside
The Attached Child

THE course breakdown

A 4-module, self-paced course that teaches you the heart and science of secure attachment so your child can experience a lifetime of love, belonging and joy.


Module one

Brain Development

Wired for Attachment
Neuroplasticity and Responsive Parenting
Nurturing Neuroscience
Infant Brain Development
Brain Balance
The Biological Need for Attachment


The Science of Attachment

What is Attachment?
Measuring Attachment
Attachment as a Primary Need
Modern Day Attachment Science
The Four Attachment Styles (and Understanding Your Own)
How Our Parenting Choices Impact Attachment

Module TWO


Module THREE

Parenting and Attachment

Lifelong Impact of Secure Attachment
Why Attachment Empowers Parents 
The Four Parenting Styles (and Discovering Yours)
Attachment Parenting 
The Nature of Attachment


Becoming Attached

Parenting for Attachment 
The Six Stages of Attachment 
The 5 Keys to Secure Attachment 
How to Show Up for your Children 
Bringing it All Together & Moving Forward

Module four

4 comprehensive modules. 24 total lessons.
1 workbook companion. plenty of supporting bonuses.


The Attached Child
Workbook Companion

Your Field Guide to Attachment in Everyday Life

This beautifully designed, 70-page field guide is full of inspiration, key learnings, and journaling prompts. Intended to serve as a companion along your journey, you’ll be able to pen down insights and actionable steps to support you on your journey to secure attachment with your child. 


This course is different because...

Unlike many secure attachment parenting courses, The Attached Child takes the time to understand the history and science of attachment in Western Culture, while weaving in our own intuition and ancient wisdom. I designed the course exactly the way I approach my own research; by understanding the big picture and developing simple strategies for implementation, in order to see the quickest, most positive end result. 

You get the benefit of my countless hours spent in research, my knowledge from working through a number of courses, and insights from reading stacks of books so you can understand, in just a short time, how to make a lifelong impact on your child’s confidence and relationships.

I know how busy we all are as parents, which is why I’ve done the heavy lifting for you. Just a few short weeks from now, you can understand the science-based strategies that will empower you to experience lasting success as a parent.

Not to mention, I'm not one to leave out a good bonus...

...and this course is filled with them

...and more!

Mama Mantras for Hard Days 

Mama Mantras for Being Present 

An Age by Age Breakdown for How to Foster Secure Attachment

Phrases Kids Need to Hear to Develop Secure Attachment 

My Favourite IG Accounts to Follow for Attachment

Recommended Reading List 

Printable Poem by Dr. Shefali Tsabary 

Self-Regulation Techniques

More bonuses!

You’ll Also Gain Free Access to Four Attachment-Related Interviews with Experts from the 1st Annual Raised Good Summit 



Why Nurturing Infant and Toddler Brain Development Matters

World’s First Neuroscientist Doula, Founder of Nurturing Neuroscience

with Greer Kirshenbaum, Ph.D.


Why Peaceful Parenting is Important (And How to Stop Yelling
and Start Connecting)

Clinical Psychologist, Author,
Founder of Aha! Parenting and Mom

with Dr. Laura Markham


Why Attachment Matters (And How to Parent Right from the Start)

Registered Psychologist, Author, Parent Educator and Mom

with Dr. Vanessa Lapointe


The Need for Radical Self Care(And the Irony of Why It
Makes You a Less Selfish Mother)

Spiritual Counselor, Teacher and Inspirational Speaker

with Suzi Lula

Are you ready to enroll in The Attached Child Course?

Here's what you'll receive...

All 4 modules of course content with a total of 24 lessons
70-page, beautifully designed Field Guide to Secure Attachment
BONUS: 4 Featured interviews on Attachment from The Raised Good Summit 
BONUS: More than a dozen printables, cheatsheets & PDFs

I'm in!

Understand why secure attachment is critical for mental and emotional health from infancy through childhood & beyond

Discover where your power to parent comes from—and how to hone your skills 

Comprehend how your child’s brain develops and, therefore, what they are or aren’t capable of as they develop

Uncover why your way of being with your child is so much more important than what you’re doing with him or her

Gain a boost to your confidence that allows you to follow your intuition

Feel proud of the intense work you’re doing to provide your child with a secure attachment 

Experience a greater sense of ease and satisfaction in your parenting and your relationship with your child 

Learn new ways to foster a secure attachment with your child 

Develop conviction in your choices, even in the midst of resistance from family or from your peers.

Here’s a sampling of what you’ll experience in The Attached Child:

Research shows that history repeats itself unless we consciously make a change.

Further, researchers found they could predict with 90% certainty, the attachment style of babies, based on that of their pregnant mothers. Here’s why: everyone has one of four attachment styles. And unless we make sense of our own history and consciously make a change, our behaviors get passed onto our children. This matters because...

40% of adults did not have secure attachment with their own caregivers and developed a form of insecure attachment.

But here comes the good news…


So it is time to consciously choose our own family’s story. To create conditions for our kids to develop a secure attachment. And more good news—it is never too late to rewrite our own stories: to change our own attachment styles to become more secure.

History is not destiny when it comes to attachment. The single best predictor for how well a parent is able to provide secure attachment to their children is not whether they had it with their own parents. It’s whether they have reflected on their attachment experiences growing up with their own caregivers and made sense of those experiences.”

Dr. Dan Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson report that:



This secure attachment course has been years in the making. It’s based on the facts and research, not personal opinion. I’ve taken great care to put it all together in a deep yet digestible format.

All this to say, I care greatly about your experience inside of The Attached Child.

If for any reason, it falls short of your expectations, I’d love to have an open conversation where you can share your thoughts and feedback. If you're still unsatisfied or don’t feel as though you and your family have benefited from the course, I’d be happy to discuss a refund or an alternate solution.



Children need at least one person in their life who thinks the sun rises and sets on them, who delights in their existence and loves them unconditionally”



I'm Tracy

Hi there!

Fellow mum, founder, writer and advocate behind the award-winning blog, Raised Good—a guide to natural parenting in the modern world.

Based in Vancouver and originally launched in 2016, I’ve been overwhelmed by the positive response and the global community that’s developed.

Our common thread is that our instincts are telling us something about the way our culture tells us to raise children isn’t working. And while I may not have all the answers, I’m willing to ask the tough questions and advocate for our kids and for you - their brave and amazing mum.

It’s no coincidence that The Attached Child is
the first course I decided to create for Raised Good. Why?

Because fostering a secure attachment is the bigger ‘why’ behind it all.

It is the reason we strive to be responsive to our babies, to be patient with our toddlers, and to be present with our kids.
It is the reason we gently parent our babies through the night. 
It is the reason we hold space for our toddlers’ big and predictably unpredictable emotions.
It is the reason we strive to be present with our kids in this fast paced world of ours. 
It is the reason we decline conventional discipline techniques. 
It is the reason we turn ourselves upside down and inside out trying to find ways to parent consciously in our disconnected world. 

When my son was born, I set out on a path of “attachment parenting” but it wasn’t until my son outgrew our baby carrier and sprinted through toddlerhood that I discovered Attachment Theory.
It was then that I realised the true power of attachment and put all the pieces of the puzzle together. 
This course is inspired by the lessons I have learned from mentors like Dr. Dan Siegel, Tina Payne Bryson, Dr. Gordon Neufeld, Dr. Gabor Maté, Alan Sroufe, Greer Kirshenbaum Ph.D and historical figures like John Bowlby, Mary Ainsworth and Mary Main.

I believe that fostering a secure attachment with our children is the most important work we will do as parents.

I’m right here on the journey with you, encouraging you to forge your own path. Together we’re reclaiming the wonder of parenthood and the joy of childhood one decision at a time.


The FAQs

You may find the answer here.

Have a Question Before Enrolling?

“Attachment parenting”—as a parenting style, is not the same thing as parenting for a secure attachment. This course focuses on the latter.

It covers an even broader view of what attachment means in how we relate to our children. I have no desire to trick or coerce you into a form of parenting you’re uncomfortable with. This is about presenting the science of attachment and how we as parents can parent from the heart to form a lifelong connection with our children.

Is this a course about attachment parenting?

Although attachment is a highly relevant topic for parents of young babies, it can affect children, adolescents and adults up to the age of 25, and then stays with us over the course of our lives.

The good news is, the more securely attached our children become, the easier parenting becomes as our families flow in the same direction. Remember, attachment is about a direction, not about perfection.

Is this secure attachment course just for parents of young babies?

Read about the RG Guarantee here. If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to email me at 

What if I enroll and then decide it’s not for me.
Do you offer refunds?

I’d love for you to share this page with your friends, fellow moms, and family members! That being said, please refrain from sharing any course materials or log-ins with anyone who hasn’t purchased the course, as it's a violation of our Terms & Conditions. The one exception is that I wholeheartedly encourage you to share this course with your parenting partner. If you’d like to gift the course to someone, you can certainly purchase it separately and enter the recipient’s email at checkout. 

Can I share this course with others?

Click here to learn a bit more about who is best suited for this course. If you have further questions about your specific situation, email me at 

 How do I know whether The Attached Child is right for me?

Don’t see your question answered here? Get in touch at

 I know that you set out to do things differently.

To parent from a place of love, not fear.
To embrace your child’s biological need for attachment and trust.
To be mindful of your responses and protect your connection.
To enjoy and evolve through motherhood.
To encourage the joy of childhood; things like freedom, play and exploration.

I also know with full confidence...
you can.

You’re pregnant, a new mom, a mom of toddlers or adolescents, or a parent / caregiver with a child of any age. 

You’re ready to parent without all the white noise of conventional parenting culture. 

You’re curious to learn more about attachment and how to best nurture your child to their fullest potential

You want to better understand the heart and science of attachment so you can confidently stand behind your instincts

The Attached Child is a perfect fit for you if...

Sound like you?


Are you ready to enroll in The Attached Child Course?

Here's what you'll receive...

All 4 modules of course content with a total of 24 lessons
70-page, beautifully designed Field Guide to Secure Attachment
BONUS: 4 Featured interviews on Attachment from The Raised Good Summit 
BONUS: More than a dozen printables, cheatsheets & PDFs

I'm in!


“It is out of the gift of deep dependence that true independence emerges.”