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As an eco-conscious mama, I’m on a mission to live an intentional life and that includes the things I choose to bring into my home.

I believe the choices we make with our money matters, so I love to support companies that are sustainable and ethical, that strive to make a difference to the planet while providing products that make parenthood and childhood more joyful.  

And I do my research…perhaps a little too much at times! So I wanted to create a place where you can find all of my faves from toys to books, from organic skincare to everything you need (and don’t!) for your baby’s first year. Here we go… 

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I remember being pregnant and feeling as though I needed “all the things”.

The baby registry lists were overwhelming, but like so many people told me, it turned out that I didn’t need (or use) so many of those things. Following a natural path also brought a level of simplicity to new parenthood that I didn’t expect. I quickly realised that what my baby needed most was me and his dad…most other things were an accessory. So, if you are pregnant or early in your motherhood journey, here is a list of the things I couldn’t live without as a new mama… 

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My personal health

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Thrive Market is a bit like Whole Foods Market meets Costco, with over 6,000 organic, non-GMO, and sustainable products at 25-50% off! Thrive Market has all the top premium healthy and organic products that you’d usually get from a grocery store but unlike your typical organic & non-GMO products that are marked up to premium prices, Thrive Market sells the same premium products at wholesale prices! 

Thrive Market

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When I got the diagnosis of skin cancer earlier this year, I took my non-toxic skincare journey up a notch! Primally Pure was my answer. Primally Pure’s motto is that fewer ingredients are better, using ingredients derived from nature for maximum purity, potency and safety. Your skin is your body’s largest organ and it absorbs whatever you put on it, which is why I love Primally Pure!

Primally Pure

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I tried countless natural deodorants in my quest to say goodbye to aluminum (and other toxic ingredients) found in regular deodorants. I was so relieved when Native worked for me! I am totally converted and now order my deodorant in bulk. Bonus – always free shipping! My faves are Lavender + Rose and Coconut + Vanilla.

Native Deodorant

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I recently started a “nutritarian” approach to my diet which is basically to pack as much nutrition into each bite as possible. Combined with the fact that my hubby and I are super low and time and support, we needed to find creative ways to find help! And so we have fallen in love with Revive Superfoods smoothies! They deliver healthy and delicious smoothies to your door – frozen and ready blend. Perfect for healthy breakfasts and lunches. Total gamechanger for us.

Revive Superfoods

I adore this company and I have a feeling you will too! A female powered, family inspired business, Branch Basics is on a mission to help families transform their health by providing truly non-toxic cleaning products. Their motto is to simplify and save by using one concentrate for everything which makes non-toxic cleaning both affordable and sustainable. All products are baby-safe, plant and mineral-based, biodegradable, non-GMO and never tested on animals.

Branch Basics

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A few of my son's

My favourite parenting books

Curiosity is a parenting superpower; to approach parenthood with a curious mind can be all we need to transform frustration into wonder, hopelessness into empowerment and resistance into empathy. One of the best ways to do that is to be informed and books are your new best friend.  

But, as parents, we need to be cautious about who we trust to give us advice. So, the books I recommend are the books I’ve read myself; the books that have changed the course of my parenting journey. Advice within these books will give you the confidence to forge your own path. Their wisdom is backed by scientific evidence, evolutionary history, common sense and compassion. More than anything this collection of books will infuse more joy, autonomy and ease into your parenthood.  

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