This course will take you from anxious and exhausted to 
confident and self-assured in your nighttime parenting choices.


Your step-by-step roadmap to 
nighttime parenting without sleep training.

Shining a light on biologically normal infant sleep by providing cosleeping families with the critical sleep education mainstream society isn’t talking about. This course will teach you how to finally get more precious rest…
all without sleep training.

This is for you, the natural mama, who longs to feel rested. 

You no longer have to be alone on your sleep journey. 

Let’s infuse the joy back into your motherhood. 

Understanding how babies are designed to sleep is the fastest way to boost your confidence, connect with your intuition and deepen your bond with your baby through the night.

You’re in the right place if you’re feeling…


You’re drowning in all the conflicting sleep advice. You’re tired of everyone telling you to sleep train your baby! You want to do what is right, but you’re not sure what that is. You’re feeling self doubt creeping in and it’s starting to impact your experience of motherhood.


You’re following your instincts and being responsive to your baby through the night. It feels right, but you feel alone. You’d like to find a village of like-minded parents who support and validate your nighttime parenting choices. And if you could find ways to get a little more sleep…that would be really nice!


You may have tried sleep training already and you’re wondering if there is another way. It just didn’t feel right for you. Maybe you bought a course that ended up being less gentle than it was described or you may have hired a sleep consultant and now find yourself regretting it. You’re in the right place! 

We live in a sleep training culture.

When you become a parent it’s hard to miss everyone around you advocating for sleep training methods like cry-it-out (CIO), controlled crying, or spaced soothing, in fact you're almost drowning in the advice to sleep train.

Is everyone around you asking you to ignore your maternal hardwiring, bury your instincts and shut out what your baby is trying to communicate with you?

Do modern sleep training techniques feel completely foreign to you and do you long to find a nighttime parenting path that feels more aligned with your heart?

Are you tired of the constant unsolicited advice and questioning from your mother-in-law, the women at the park, the daycare worker, and everyone else with an opinion? 


Does their commentary follow a familiar track?

“Is he sleeping through the night?”
“Have you tried putting her down drowsy but awake?”
“He should be self-soothing by now”
“Did you know sleep is critical to healthy brain development?”
"Oh she needs a longer nap, cat naps don’t count”
“Oh, he’s just manipulating you, dear. He’d got your wrapped around his tiny eight-week old little finger.”

You are discouraged to say the least. You feel as though your intuition is off.

Here’s a secret: your intuition is right on.
You're in the right place mama!

Prof. James McKenna 

“The present pediatric sleep paradigm was never based upon any kind of scientific research on who infants are and what they need. And why? The paradigm emerged from a few mainly white male physicians who never took care of their own infants, and knew nothing about human evolution or infant development.” 

You should never doubt yourself as a mother.

But, it’s hard not to doubt yourself when those “good babies” are sleeping through the night. All the other mothers have the “guts to do it”. All the other parents are getting alone time with their partners. So you must be doing something wrong - right?!?

If you’re failing as a mother?
If your baby will ever be able to sleep alone?
Are your baby’s sleep patterns normal?
Will he ever fall asleep without nursing?
Are you creating bad habits?
Are your choices going to destroy your marriage?
What will your family say when they realise that you bedshare?
Will you ever feel less exhausted?

You might be constantly asking yourself...

You may be feeling a tug-of-war between your old life and this new life that nobody prepared you for. Afterall, no one told you just how intense a baby’s need for his mother truly is, how boundless your motherhood would feel.

Here you are simply trying to honour your baby’s needs—while striving to meet your own. You’re integrating with a new being. You’re learning how to let your guard down and allow this little creature to be wholly dependent on you; such an unfamiliar feeling after being so fiercely independent for so long.

It’s all such new territory.


But among it all you’re unwilling to tone down the growing roar of your own intuition. Unwilling to accept the loud lies our culture loves to repeat about infant sleep. Those sleep training lies that are packaged as the answer to all your problems.

I was right where you are. I know how you feel.

I remember it too, like it was yesterday….

“He’ll sleep with you.”, said our dry-humoured English midwife.
“What do you mean?”, I replied. “He’ll sleep in his expensive organic non-toxic crib I just ordered”.
“No”, she said. “He’ll sleep with you – I can tell.”

I walked out of our prenatal visit thinking our midwife was a little odd. But she’d aroused my curiosity, so I started reading about cosleeping and I couldn’t stop. One author suggested that babies were safest sleeping with their parents. That nighttime breastmilk contains hormones that help babies sleep. And that I could babywear my son for naps, while out and about enjoying our day. 

While unconventional, the concepts I uncovered felt natural, logical and authentic. So when our son was born we chose to embrace natural parenting and break the “rules” of modern parenthood. We ignored the hospital room sign telling us to place him in the plastic bassinet. He slept with us from night one. And our crib? We sold it, unused, on Craigslist.

But, I felt alone in my choices. I didn’t know anyone in real life who was bedsharing. My husband was trusting me to keep our baby safe, while others were questioning our choices. I was educating myself and putting puzzle pieces together as I went. I trusted my intuition but I always had questions. 

Yes, I was tired…as all new mothers are. But I was getting more sleep than my friends whose babies were sleeping separately in cribs. I was joyful, happy and deeply connected to my baby in a way that affected those around us. Other mums started commenting, “what are you doing differently? I want to feel as happy as you look.” 

Because the truth is that western society expects a parenting approach centred on an adult's wants rather than a baby's needs. But when we meet a baby's needs they thrive…and so do we. It’s where the magic happens. Pure unadulterated magic.

Because you know there is a BETTER way. 

You know that mainstream sleep training advice just doesn’t feel right…and it shouldn’t. That is your intuition telling you “not this”. 

My son has since outgrown his onesies and sprinted through toddlerhood into childhood, but I remain passionate about biologically normal infant sleep. 

That is the magic I want for you, my friend. And if you’ve landed here, I know you want that too. 

And I can help you experience the same joy in early motherhood and give you the wisdom and confidence to choose a countercultural parenting path that will result in you and your baby thriving…
and getting more sleep. 

How do I ninja roll out of bed to get just a little “me time” at night? 

How do my husband and I have intimacy when we’re bedsharing? 

Am I creating a bad habit by breastfeeding to sleep? 

Mama, Nurtured Nights is here to deepen your knowledge and grow your confidence so your intuition will roar. 

Let’s paint a picture of before and after this course. Imagine a life where you feel:

Rested, no longer sleep-deprived, and able to care for yourself and those who need you

Connected to your baby throughout the night, and not lying in bed feeling hopelessly anxious

Informed of the real science regarding infant sleep that society likes to get twisted (often for the sake of big business)

Reassured that bedsharing or breastsleeping doesn’t mean sacrificing intimacy with your partner

Present and at ease, not distracted by endless doubt and googling

In a flow with your child as healthy attachment is fostered


Nurtured Nights is the course that shows you how to get there.

“When we give babies no choice but to cry it out, we need to ask ourselves, what is the ‘it’? The ‘it’ is safety. The ‘it’ is connection. The ‘it’ is us—their parents. They are crying for us.

“The Nurtured Nights course is the best course I’ve ever done - it’s such amazing value considering the quantity and quality of the content.”


I would feel like I failed every time I would “give in” and breastfeed him to sleep but it felt so wrong in my heart to let him cry himself to sleep in his bed alone. The arguing between my partner and I had recently hit an all time high mainly because I think we thought we weren’t doing it right and it was all just getting too much that I thought I had no other choice but to start sleep training. That’s until this course. I have gone back to breastfeeding him to sleep now that I know it’s healthy and biologically normal (it’s honestly one of my most favourite times with him watching him so peacefully fall asleep on my breast) and also have started cosleeping again. These are the most beautiful times to spend with your baby. It sucks that for almost 8 months I felt guilty for feeling drawn to them both.” 

Step inside

At Nurtured Nights Academy, we blend scientific insight with the art of natural parenting, guiding you towards peaceful sleep without the myths of traditional sleep training.

Over six comprehensive modules, you'll discover a step-by-step pathway to understanding your baby's sleep, nurturing their development, and fostering deep connections. 

This isn't just a course—it's a new chapter in your parenting story, one where each night enriches your bond with your child.

Join us and redefine your nights with gentle, proven strategies for the whole family's well-being.


Here’s Everything You Get Inside Nurtured Nights 

Module one

The Science of Biologically Normal Infant Sleep

Explore the genuine rhythms of how babies sleep, moving beyond myths to a science-backed understanding. In this module, you'll learn to recognize and support your baby's sleep patterns, fostering a nurturing sleep environment for your entire family.

By the end of this module, you’ll be equipped to confidently map your baby's sleep needs and create routines that encourage healthy development and peaceful nights.


Unravel the neurobiology of infant sleep and its role in your baby's development. 

Leverage circadian rhythms to optimise sleep for you and your baby.

Discern the normal range of sleep durations and the protective role of night wakings.

Establish calming sleep rhythms that cater to your baby's unique needs.

Module two

Infant Growth & Brain Development

Embark on a paradigm-shifting exploration of your child's brain growth and its profound impact on sleep and lifelong mental wellness. Understand the science that drives your little one's development, paving the way for a deeper connection and a smoother journey into toddlerhood. This module will equip you with the insights needed to nurture a resilient, happy child.

By the end of this module, you’ll have a solid grasp on brain development, enabling you to meet your child's evolving needs with informed, loving care.


Key aspects of infant and toddler brain development and their sleep correlations.

The biological underpinnings of attachment and its significance in parenting.

The powerful role of neuroplasticity in shaping your child's future mental and emotional health.

Dr. Greer Kirshenbaum's Nurturing Neuroscience model for optimal brain growth.

Strategies for fostering mental wellbeing and cognitive flexibility in your child.

Module three

The Truth Behind Sleep Training

Step away from the pressure of sleep training and into the empowering world of responsive parenting. This module is your shield against the pervasive sleep training culture, arming you with facts and the confidence to say "no thanks" to well-meaning but misguided advice. Embrace your role as a nurturing parent who knows that true strength lies in meeting your baby's needs for comfort and security, all night long.

By the end of this module, prepare to feel empowered, ready to provide a safe, loving environment that fosters healthy sleep, and reassured that responsiveness at nighttime is a powerful act of love and security.


Unpack the realities of sleep training and its impact on babies.

Understand why sleep training may not “work” as well as people say. 

Build the confidence to stand against cultural sleep training pressures.

Bust the myths surrounding self-soothing and crying it out.

Appreciate the deep emotional and mental benefits of nurtured nighttime care.

Module four

Understanding SIDS & Safety

There is nothing more important than keeping our babies safe. This module addresses the critical topic of SIDS and ASSB, demystifying these concerns with science-backed information. You'll learn how to create the safest sleep environment possible, whether you're bedsharing or your baby sleeps in a crib, ensuring you can rest easy knowing you're doing everything to protect your little one.

By the end of this module, you'll possess the confidence and knowledge to minimize risks and safeguard your baby's sleep—every night.


The crucial facts about SIDS and how to significantly reduce the risks.

Strategies for establishing a secure sleep setting for any situation.

Tailored advice for bedsharing and breastsleeping mothers to maintain safety.

Proactive measures to prevent ASSB and ensure a safe slumber for your baby.

Module five

Shared Sleep Essentials

Step into the nurturing practice of cosleeping and nighttime breastfeeding, where nursing to sleep is natural and encouraged. This module unravels shared sleep and its perfect pairing with breastfeeding, offering a safe, comforting approach that suits any family. Whether you're breastfeeding or not, you'll find supportive strategies to enhance rest and bonding during the night.

By completing this module, you'll confidently embrace shared sleep and nighttime feeding, equipped with strategies that honor both your baby's and your needs for closeness and rest.


See how breastfeeding and bedsharing naturally complement each other.

Learn how shared sleep can improve sleep for both mother and baby.

Recognize the sleep-promoting properties of nighttime breastmilk.

Master nighttime nursing to help both mother and baby sleep better.

What does bedsharing look like? How to feel comfortable? You’ll find all the practical tips you need right here.

Module six

Optimising Sleep for You and Your Baby 

Dive into effective, evidence-based strategies to create a sleep plan that nurtures the whole family. In this hands-on module, we'll focus on practical, actionable strategies to align your family's sleep patterns, emphasising restful nights (and fun-filled days) that support both your baby's development and your own postpartum recovery.

By the end of this module, you'll have a clear, personalized plan for enhancing sleep for you and your baby, ready to implement right away.


A no-fuss routine for naps and bedtime that suits both baby and parents.

Key postpartum sleep practices to help mom recharge and rejuvenate.

A sleep-promoting environment, using natural methods for deeper rest.

Timing adjustments for sleep based on your baby's growth and developmental cues.

Solutions to the most common sleep interruptions for uninterrupted nights.


Ready for more restful nights for your whole family?

An Incredible Curation of Bonuses
You’ll Refer to Over & Over


Enroll in Nurtured Nights Academy and gain access to 6 free, limited-time bonuses worth $297, crafted to complement and elevate your nurturing sleep journey.


Unlock the past to transform your baby's future with this enlightening 40 page beautifully designed eBook. Delve into the historical context of sleep training to free yourself from societal sleep myths. Discover the original practices of parenting at night, why cribs became the norm, and how to reclaim the nurturing, responsive care your baby deserves.

Private Podcast: Parenting For Attachment

Simplify the complex world of attachment parenting in this comprehensive private podcast. Learn the true essence of forming secure attachment, understand the six pivotal stages of attachment, and redefine your parenting style to foster independence and emotional security in your child.

Guide: Self Care for Mama

Guide: Nurturing Neuroscience for Nighttime Parenting

Nurture the nurturer with our exclusive guide focused on self-care for new mothers. Explore practical ways to manage sleep, soothe stress, and embrace the transformative journey of matrescence. Empower yourself with strategies for personal well-being to thrive alongside your growing baby.

This guide isn’t about advising and giving you a set of rules to follow, it is about educating and empowering you to parent your way - I don’t believe in following someone else’s rules. Write your own story. Step into your own power as a parent. Your parenting doesn’t need to look like mine - or anybody else’s. 

Community Access: Nurtured Nights Network

You’ll be invited to join our exclusive community platform, a supportive space where you can connect with fellow mothers. Here, you'll find companionship, share experiences, and gain support as you navigate nighttime parenting. Engage in meaningful conversations, ask questions, and celebrate the milestones of motherhood with those who truly understand.

Library: Science of Sleep

Dive into the heart of natural parenting with our handpicked library of journal articles. This exclusive collection offers you a wealth of scientific insights and evidence-based practices, conveniently gathered to enrich and empower your parenting journey.

eBook: Nighttime Nurturing

Perfect Mother Myth Workshop

Valued at $97

by Dr. Sophie Brock

Dismantle the "Perfect Mother Myth" with Dr. Sophie Brock's insightful one-hour workshop. Uncover the roots of unrealistic motherhood 'rules' and learn to navigate mothering by your own values. Shake off guilt and judgment, embracing empowerment. This workshop includes a valuable PDF guide complete with checklists, reflection questions, and prompts to help tailor your unique mothering path.

Weaning with Love eBook

Valued at $19

by Pinky McKay, IBCLC

Explore a compassionate approach to weaning with Pinky McKay's 'Weaning with Love.' This 54-page eBook offers invaluable insights and practical tips for transitioning from breastfeeding to family foods, tailored to your baby's needs. Pinky, an experienced lactation consultant, provides recipes, resources, and expert advice to ensure a gentle, loving weaning process. Embrace each stage of your child's growth with confidence and care, all in a convenient Adobe PDF format.

Sleep Routines and Remedies Cheat Sheet

Valued at $27

By Jessica Donovan, Pediatric Naturopath

Unlock the secrets of natural, restful sleep for your little ones with Jessica Donovan's expertly crafted cheat sheet. Jessica, a renowned pediatric naturopath and founder of Natural Superkids, shares her top six natural sleep remedies designed to gently soothe your child into peaceful slumber. Plus, discover nine key elements to incorporate into a nightly sleep routine, ensuring a tranquil transition to bedtime. 

Mountain Meditation

Valued at $22

with Hunter Clarke-Fields

Embrace the tranquility of the Plum Village Tradition with Hunter Clarke-Fields' Mountain Meditation. Ground yourself to become the pillar of strength for your child, even on challenging days. This meditation instills the essence of mindful parenting, reinforcing the vital message that self-care is at the heart of compassionate caregiving. Recharge your spirit and replenish your capacity to give with this serene practice.

Your enrollment also includes...

And that’s not all!

To remind you that you’re not alone, and that this thing called motherhood takes a village, I asked my very best friends in this natural parenting space if they’d like to contribute to help you on your journey! And of course, they said YES. We are ALL cheering you, mama! So, when you join Nurtured Nights you will also gain instant access to these incredible bonuses. 

Professor James McKenna

The Science and Safety of Breastsleeping

Professor Helen Ball

Biologically Normal Infant Sleep

Dr. Gordon Neufeld

How to Help Children Flourish

Greer Kirshenbaum, Ph.D

Nurturing Neuroscience

Carly Grubb

Beyond Sleep Training: Why We Should Never Ignore Our Babies’ Cries

Wait…we’re not quite finished yet! 

In order to support you as much as much as possible you will also get the following:

A series of masterclasses from experts in infant sleep & development.

Dr. Nils Bergman

Kangaroo Mother Care: Why Skin-to-skin contact is critical for baby

My Favourite Magazine for new parents

The Natural Parent Magazine


20% discount on a print or digital subscription

Guides and cheat sheets

  • 101 Comebacks for When People Question Your Parenting Choices 

  • Six Steps to Optimise Your Baby’s Sleep Environment
  • Your Roadmap to Nurtured Nights

  • The Safe Surface Checklist 

  • A Dozen Ways to Soothe a Baby to Sleep 

  • The Safe Sleep, Smart Steps to Safer Bedsharing

  • How to Foster Attachment by Age

  • Phrases Kids Need to Hear to Develop Secure Attachment
  • Biologically Normal Infant Sleep Resources 

  • Create Your Own Bedtime Rhythm 

  • Nurture Neuroscience Cheat Sheet

  • 3 Ways to Promote Closeness and Touch 

  • RG’s Recommended Reading List

  • RG’s Favourite Online Communities, Websites and More 

This curated compilation of concise guides and cheat sheets is specifically designed to support your journey through the course.Designed for quick access and simple support, they're your personal shortcut to peaceful nights and joyful days, giving you more time to savor the sweet slumber and awake adventures with your little one.

Let me save you time for what truly matters – those precious moments with your baby.


You’re pregnant, newly a parent, or the parent of a child under 3 years of age.

You want to get away from the notion of ‘sleep training’ or any method resembling ‘cry it out’.

You're a breastfeeding mother who wants to feel proud of your choice to nurse through the night, not shamed for it.

You’re exhausted by the lack of success (and sleep deprivation) from what you’re currently doing. 

You want to have a clear, factual understanding of what does and doesn’t define normal infant sleep. 

You want to confidently respond to others who question your choices, not out of shame or anger, but sound reason and pride.

You need real life stories and examples of what bedsharing looks like - in a world that’s constantly showing us cribs, sheets, and devices.

You need specific guidance to ensure your adult bed is a safe space for your baby.

You need nonjudgemental comfort, love, and support from a community of parents who are trying as hard as you are to be the best mom/dad you can be. 

This Course is Perfect For You If...



Sound like you?

the investment

Your step-by-step roadmap to 
nighttime parenting without sleep training.

enroll now

Within minutes of enrolling you will receive an email from me with your login details to the Nurtured Nights course and details of how to access the private Facebook group. 

All of the content will be ready and waiting for you to dive in. 

If you have any questions at all please email my team at

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Discover the CARES Method

How Nurtured Nights Academy is Different

Here's a snapshop:

Comprehension and Connection: Understand true infant sleep and strengthen your nighttime bond.

Acknowledge Individual Needs: Tailor your approach to your baby's unique sleep patterns.

Respect Natural Rhythms: Harmonize with your baby’s sleep cycles for better rest.

Eliminate Sleep Obstacles: Clear hurdles to ensure a smoother sleep experience.

Supportive Strategies: Employ soothing techniques for a tranquil sleep environment.

Meet the core of Nurtured Nights Academy: the CARES method. This approach is about tuning into your baby's natural sleep cues and fostering a deep connection.

The CARES method equips you with knowledge and strategies for a peaceful night's sleep, rooted in respect for your baby's natural needs and your parenting instincts.

Just another sleep training course disguised as gentle.

A how-to manual for the ‘cry it out’ method.

It doesn’t just say ‘Don’t sleep-train but good luck!’ 

A prescriptive method telling you how to parent by doing XYZ

A fluffy, one-sided, or combative approach

Find more rest and sleep while still nurturing your child at nighttime.

Help you to feel reassured, rather than shamed or scared into something 

Be able to calmly & comfortably navigate conversations with other parents and adults who don’t support your methods

Allow you to practically, specifically, and safely embrace cosleeping

Feel empowered to move away from endless gadgets, devices & strategies that attempt to replace your child’s need for you

Be supplied with evidence-based, scientific research and knowledge to continue pursuing a gentler, more natural path

Stop questioning your instincts and understand what’s biologically normal

Feel validated and less alone, while helping everyone to find more rest in the process

Here’s What Nurtured Nights is


Here’s What Nurtured Nights             
 For You & Your Family



will do

Every Raised Good course or digital product is diligently poured over to create the highest quality and most effective education possible. That being said, if you choose to enrol in Nurtured Nights, and decide with certainty that it’s not for you, get in touch and we’ll issue a full refund within 14 days of purchase. We believe in and stand behind what’s being taught that much.

Backed by a good guarantee


I'm Tracy

Hi there!

The mainstream often steers us in other directions, and that's where Raised Good comes in—a guide to embracing parenting that feels...well, natural. We're all sensing that the traditional ways might not be the best fit, and while I don't have all the answers, I'm here to ask the tough questions alongside you and advocate for our kids—and for you, their brave and extraordinary parents. Delving into the world of infant sleep with Nurtured Nights Academy has always been a dream, and I'm thrilled to share, connect, and explore restful possibilities from my forest-nestled island home to yours.

When I first began my journey with Raised Good, it was during those precious moments when my son, then a baby, was napping. Fast forward, and he's now a spirited 10-year-old, a constant reminder of how quickly time flies and how pivotal our roles as parents are. 

Think natural parenting is straightforward? Think again! 

Over time, the Raised Good community has grown immensely, with over a million readers resonating with the message. While I no longer write to the backdrop of his baby naps, my passion and drive remain the same. 

Further, infant sleep is something that I’m enduringly passionate about.

The bulk of this course is the result of my tireless and extensive research on sleep (think 200+ academic journals), including a plethora of completed trainings to become an Infant Sleep Educator (ISE).

Inside Nurtured Nights, I’m sharing my years of personal experience as a mum, my dedication to scientifically-based research, my countless hours pouring over academic journals, and my conversations with leading experts including Dr James McKenna and Prof. Helen Ball.

You get both a factual education and guidance for real life implementation.

As seen in...



“Raised Good feels very natural and intuitive, it’s not “training” me how to be a mom, but encouraging me to listen to my intuition.”


You’re authentic and calm. When I read your blogs or listen to a recording, I just feel better inside, lighter, like that best friend chatting over a coffee laughing the doubt and guilt away! You give practical advice & a gentle approach, which I can see a difference in my children when applying.”


“I learned to be confident in my decision, and it reinforced that a
mother's intuition is valid. I learned to trust my gut, and to be unapologetic for my sleeping patterns.”


“I am so thankful to have a reliable, science-backed resource to recommend when on-lookers express judgement or concern for the way our family chooses to function. I also love that you don't hand out prescriptions or make parents feel like they need "experts" to help them raise their kids well.”


“Your approach sits well with what my gut tells me is right, I especially like the information you’ve shared recently on how time outs are not the way forward - I couldn’t explain why I didn’t like the idea of them until I read your reasoning and it gave me the vocab to explain/voice the feeling I already had.”


“You give information but ultimately leave it up to the individual parent to know what is best for their family. It's clear that you trust parents to do what they know is right. I like all the research as well. Everything is backed up.”


“You use both research and common sense and your goal is always to honor the child and parent bond. You balance the needs of both parents and children so that your approach can be sustained over the long season of parenting young ones.”


“It's accessible, practicable, relies on resources we already have and not on gadgets, technology, etc. It's gentle and baby-focused. It is aligned with biology, evolution, and brain-development, and preset parenting instincts.”


“Thank you for being different and not talking about self settling; cry it out, etc. I’m constantly made to feel I have failed as a mom as I attend to her cries. In my exhaustion I do envy others moms with babies who sleep but I’m just happy I’m not alone out there realising that self-soothe is not a thing!”

The FAQ’s

Your Questions are Always Welcome Here

While there’s merit to this question because much of sleep training focuses on improving the parent’s lifestyle, rather than nurturing the child’s needs, the benefits to you and entire family are vast. What’s being taught in this course is underpinned by a combination of evidence and gentleness, and seeks to deepen your family’s bond, stop fighting biologically normal behaviors, and experience more ease and rest as a result. You’ll be able to stop second-guessing every decision and feel confident in the choices you’re making. 



No, it is not. This course fosters a gentle approach with an emphasis on cosleeping/bedsharing.



Good question! The guides zero in on the science behind sleep and essentially share my summary of 200+ peer-reviewed journal articles on topics such as SIDS & safety, crying, bedsharing, and breastfeeding through the night. The course is simply way more comprehensive, as well as provides practical ideas and personal anecdotes throughout my own sleep journey - all brought to life. 



Truthfully, for young babies, this course is geared towards breastfeeding/chestfeeding mums as breastfeeding and infant sleep are inextricably linked. I don't wish or mean to exclude anyone - however, if you’ve decided to bottle feed and crib sleep in a separate room, there are other courses to better help with that and The Sleeping Baby likely isn’t the best fit for you. If you’re bottle feeding an older baby though and would like to parent through connection at nighttime, this course will be great for you. If you have any questions, please email and ask us at



Not seeing your question listed here or throughout this page?
Send an email to 

the investment

Your step-by-step roadmap to 
nighttime parenting without sleep training.

enroll now

Within minutes of enrolling you will receive an email from me with your login details to the Nurtured Nights course and details of how to access the private Facebook group. 

All of the content will be ready and waiting for you to dive in. 

If you have any questions at all please email my team at

Best value!

Three Payments of $110 

enroll now

split pay

One payment of $297

all in

No matter what some may say, it is physically impossible to spoil your child by being responsive. Babies don’t manipulate, they communicate. So, trust your instincts. Follow your innate wisdom and believe your baby.


Ready for more restful nights for your whole family? See you inside.

love, tracy x