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A 5-day virtual conference filled with expert discussions on natural parenting.

    Hey Mama, I've got an honest question for you:

    First things first, you're not alone in any of this - these are healthy things to grapple with. The reality is, we’re bombarded with conflicting information every single day, from the time we wake up and take the first peak at our phones. 

    You see, this thing called parenthood is full of shoulds and labels, fears and baggage.

    Has parenting started to feel like a set of strategies or checklists?

    Has 2020 taken its toll leaving you feeling tired, doubtful, overwhelmed,
    and questioning your every decision?

    Do you often feel alone and left wondering if what you’re being told is the ‘right’ way after all?

    But if you’ve been around Raised Good for a while, you know what I share isn’t about parenting “advice”. It’s about learning how to truly be in a relationship with our children and to realise that’s all parenting is. And it’s one that changes us if we’re brave enough to surrender to the unknown and show up in all our imperfection.

    White noise as I like to call it, and it’s exhausting.

    I want you to know this: your child needs you, your whole self, your unapologetic authentic soul. 

    You’ve discovered a vibrant community made up of diverse individuals, not singularly dependent on a rigid right-or-wrong way of thinking. (And let’s be honest, community is something we could all use more of in 2020.) We’re parents like you, finding our footing, forging our place in the world, and teaching our children how to do the same.

    The truth is, you don’t need to ‘find’ the answers. You are the answer. Which is why parenting is often about healing and transforming ourselves - stepping into our power and innate wisdom as women - as parents - and becoming strong leaders. For ourselves, for our children, and for those around us.


    So I’ve invited a group of well-respected experts, friends, colleagues, and fellow parents to engage with me and this community in a dialogue.

    These speakers are the mentors who’ve been sitting on my bookshelf since I became a mama. They are the men and women I turn to when I don't know what to do as a parent. They’re the incredible humans I've watched speak on stages and whose courses I've taken. I’m deeply honoured to have shared such personal conversations with each speaker and now, I’m humbled to be able to share them all with you. 

    So get ready for some vulnerability and authenticity. Get ready to laugh and cry. Get ready to learn and evolve.

    And as you listen, know this:

    At the end of this 5-day summit, you'll gain:





    A core understanding of child development and rest easy in allowing the space for it to unfold

    A newfound confidence in your own abilities as a parent - even as a new parent

    The awareness to become led by intuition and practice it daily

    The education and research to back up your desire to parent as nature intended




    Factual insight to help you navigate challenging aspects of motherhood like sleep, breastfeeding, and discipline

    An appreciation for play, adventure, and simplifying childhood

    A community that reminds you you’re not alone in creating you own path

    5 days
    30 conversations
    1 experience


    A virtual conference bringing together the premier experts in positive parenting and guiding you into deeper connection with your child
    ...and yourself. 


    and can be attended from the comfort & safety of your own home.


    Conversations on
    Natural Parenting

    The Raised Good online Summit features an all-star line-up of widely respected experts and fellow parents.

    Each topic features a conversation-style interview with me, Tracy, the founder and mama behind Raised Good. These are open-hearted, relatable, and actionable discussions offering an array of ideas and perspectives - all in one place. Many of our speakers provide regular free education through their own blogs, podcasts, or published books, yet they are generously sharing insights and stories with the Raised Good audience that you can’t find anywhere else.


    Dr. Vanessa Lapointe

    Why Attachment Matters 
    (And How to Parent Right from the Start) 


    Registered Psychologist, Author, Parent Educator and Mom

    Dr. Shefali Tsabary

    Becoming a Conscious Parent
    (And Why Parenting Has Nothing to Do With Our Kids) 

    Clinical Psychologist, International Speaker, Author and Wisdom Teacher

    Dr. Laura Markham

    Why Peaceful Parenting is Important
    (And How to Stop Yelling and Start Connecting) 

    Clinical Psychologist, Author, Founder of Aha! Parenting and Mom

    Sarah R. Moore

    The Power of Playful Parenting
    (And Why It Makes Parenting Easier)

    Parent Coach and Writer and Founder of Dandelion Seeds Positive Parenting

    Heng Ou

    Honouring the Postpartum Period
    (Why The First Forty Days Transform Motherhood)

    Founder of Motherbees, Author and Mother

    Suzi Lula

    The Need for Radical Self Care
    (And the Irony of Why It Makes You a Less Selfish Mother)

    Spiritual Counselor, Teacher and Inspirational Speaker

    Dr. Deborah MacNamara

    Making Sense of Childhood
    (So We Can Nurture Resilience and Be Our Child’s Best Bet) 

    Clinical Counsellor, Author and Developmentalist at the Neufeld Institute

    Bridgett Miller

    What Young Children Need You to Know
    (How to See Them So You Know What to Do For Them) 

    Kindergarten Teacher, Author, Authorized Facilitator of the Neufeld Institute

    Jasmine Bradshaw

    Speaking with Kids about Race
    (So that We Can Foster Anti-Racism in Our Families)

    Mother and Founder of First Name Basis

    Devon Kuntzman

    Normalising Toddler Tantrums
    (Empowering You To Be the Parent Your Toddler Needs)

    Toddler Parenting Expert & Founder, Transforming Toddlerhood

    Pinky McKay

    Honest Motherhood, Mindset and Breastfeeding 
    (Learning How to Silence the White Noise and Trust Your Intuition)

    International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Author, Ted Talk Speaker

    Dr. James McKenna

    The Science of Breastsleeping
    (Helping Parents Make Safe Choices About Bedsharing and Understanding SIDS)

    Professor at The Mother Baby Sleep Laboratory at the University of Notre Dame 

    Andrea Olson

    Elimination Communication 
    (How to Ditch the Diapers and Encourage Earlier Potty Independence) 

    Founder of Go Diaper Free, Mum of five

    Greer Kirshenbaum, Ph.D.

    Nurturing Neuroscience
    (Why Nurturing Infant and Toddler Brain Development Matters)

    World’s First Neuroscientist Doula

    Lyndsey Hookway 

    Feed, Sleep, Bond 
    (Why Gentle Nighttime Parenting Choices Matter) 

    Children's nurse, IBCLC, and Holistic Sleep Coach

    Nadine Richardson

    Empowered Birth
    (How to Have a Beautiful Birth - No Matter What Happens)

    Childbirth Educator, Doula, Prenatal Yoga Teacher

    Tracy Cassels, Ph.D.

    Orchid or a Dandelion? 
    (What Parents of Highly Sensitive Children Need to Know)

    Developmental Psychologist, Director of Evolutionary Parenting and Mom

    Debbie Reber

    Understanding Neurodiversity
    (How to Raise a Differently Wired Child in a Conventional World)

    Founder of TiLT Parenting

    Angela Hanscom 

    The Real Reason Kids Fidget
    (And the Therapeutic Benefits of Movement and Nature)

    Pediatric Occupational Therapist and Founder of Timbernook

    Maggie Dent

    Raising Boys
    (Why Boys Are Different and How to Raise them to be Resilient and Balanced)

    Author, Educator, Parenting and Resilience Specialist

    Avital Schreiber-Levy

    Peaceful Partnership 
    (How To Parent Together, Even When You Disagree with Your Partner)

    Mindful Parenting Coach and Founder of The Parenting Junkie

    Renee Jain

    Anxiety in Kids 
    (How Parents Can Help Their Kids Transform anxiety into courage, confidence and resilience)

    Founder of GoZen! and Certified Life Coach

    Brooke Froelich

    Adventure Parenting 
    (How to Get Our Kids Outside and Why Nature Helps Mothers Thrive)

    Adventure Mom and Cofounder of Wild Kind Inc

    Jessica Donovan

    Nourishing Healthy Kids
    (Preventing Deficiencies and Raising Thriving Children)

    Pediatric Naturopath

    Kim John Payne

    Simplifying Childhood
    (Why Simplicity Can Protect Our Kids’ Mental and Emotional Health)

    Family Counselor, Author, Researcher and Educator

    Rachel Rainbolt

    Natural Homeschooling 
    (How Children Learn and Reclaiming Wonder in Education)

    Sage Family Coach, Writer, and Podcaster

    Peter Gray, Ph.D.

    Self-Directed Learning and Play
    (How to Raise Happier, More Self-Reliant, and Better Students for Life)

    Research Professor, Author

    Simone Davies

    Montessori and Positive Parenting
    (Applying Montessori Principles to Raise Curious And Responsible Human Beings)

    Montessori Teacher, Author and Mum of Two

    Suzanne Tucker

    How to Nurture Children’s Mental Health
    (And Why It’s More Important Than Their Grades)

    Physical Therapist, Parent Educator and Mom of Four

    Tracy Gillett

    Natural Parenting 
    (Why Intuition Matters in Parenting)

    Founder of Raised Good, Gentle Parenting Advocate and Mum


    Regardless of how long you've been a parent,

    New Parenthood
    Infant and Toddler Sleep, Breastfeeding, Elimination Communication 

    Attachment, Gentle Discipline, Mindfulness, Brain Development, Neurodiversity

    Play, Simplifying Childhood, Homeschooling

    Activity and Adventure, Nature, Clean Living, Rest

    Birth, Postpartum, Adjusting to New Life, Self Care, Mindset

    If you have questions, doubts, or an interest in learning more about any of the following...

    ...then you’re in the right place.

    Each interview covers a slightly different topic but focuses on these life-giving themes of natural parenting and is designed to make you feel like you’re sitting at the table with us; parent to parent.

    Here’s what we mean by “natural parenting”...

    At its core, natural parenting is centred on parenting through the power of relationship with the acknowledgment that as adults, we’re never finished. We can grow and evolve alongside our children on this shared journey.

    It’s about being aware - being conscious of your decisions - not just parenting on auto-pilot or based on what you’ve been told by others.

    The term “natural parenting” isn’t intended to disrespect or alienate any single or opposing way of raising a child. It simply reflects some notion of this being the way we used to parent before culture and society started telling us otherwise. 

    Parenting is monumentally challenging – especially in the absence of a village. But, Mother Nature didn’t design it to be impossible and although she didn’t give us an instruction manual to read, she gave us children to follow, to attune to, to surrender to, and to dance through life with.

    in case you're wondering

    How I respond as a mother usually has more to do with how I'm feeling than what my child is doing.




    I’m Tracy - a writer, advocate, and adventure-seeking wife & mum based in Vancouver. Having our son opened my eyes and changed our lives in so many ways. Immediately confronted with the pressures and assumptions others placed on us as new parents, I dove in, did my research, and began sharing it with others. I’m still on that path today.

    Through the Raised Good blog, and now - The Raised Good Virtual Summit - I help fellow mamas like you increase your confidence so you can make conscious choices that feel right for your family while strengthening you & your child’s connection. Together, we’re reclaiming the wonder of motherhood and the joy of childhood, one parenting decision at a time.

    Hi friend!

    Tracy Gillett

    Led by yours truly,

    Kind Words from the Mama Tribe

    You have taught me to trust myself when it comes to my baby! That is such a valuable thing. Instead of living in fear and doubt, [I’ve learn to go with] what I instinctively knew to be right. Thank you. Stumbling upon your website is one of the best things to happen to me since the baby came. Keep up the good work! You have made it into a ministry.

    - Jessica Shephard

    “Stumbling on your website is one of the best things to happen to me since the baby came.” 

    You are an absolute inspiration in every walk of life. Your book is keeping me warm during the days that are harder and when I question it all. And your personal posts on Instagram keep me confident to stay honest and vulnerable. I feel like shutting down so often with fear and feeling uncomfortable, but also desperate to share my words and a voice to others that may feel the same. To really connect. And you have done all of those things for me, as well as to give me a real confidence boost that I have never had from anywhere else.

    - Charlotte Wise

    “Your book is keeping me warm during the days that are harder and when I question it all.”

    Tracy, I cannot stress enough how much I needed you, your book, The Lost Art of Natural Parenting and the tribe you have created in my life! As a millennial first time mother, there are a lot of trends and ridiculous ideas out there, not to mention that the information available is both overwhelming and inconsistent. So, when I knew in my heart that I wanted to practice natural parenting - you have and continue to help me define that. You roused my instincts into action and brought together a tribe that’s invaluable. [...] This is my go-to and most supportive tribe that I’m lucky to be a part of. The book was amazing and helped me understand what I was looking for out there but couldn’t find. 

    - Monika Bobby

    “You roused my instincts into action and brought together a tribe that’s invaluable.”

    I wanted there to be zero barrier to attending the Summit and joining us for these ever-important conversations.

    Especially in light of all that is happening in our world, you can register 100% FREE with zero obligations and watch as much of the Summit as you’re able to over the course of the 5 days. 

    Will you be joining us, mama?

    Join us for the first-ever Raised Good Online Summit filled with expert discussions on natural parenting.

    You're invited!


    Thursday, October 22nd - Monday, October 26th


    6 interview-style conversations broadcasted per day, Thursday through Monday 


    I believe that it is our job to tune into our motherly intuition, as faint of a voice as it may be at first, and understand why we choose to make the decisions that we do. 

     How to cultivate a relationship with your own intuition in order to know how to respond to your child’s needs and parent with more gentleness, responsiveness and connection

    Ideas and examples of how to simplify childhood and resultantly, fuel natural parenting (and overcome its challenges)

    A balance of facts, data, and the science behind your gut instinct , allowing you to choose what's best for your child and their development and tune out the white noise 

    A reconnected sense of self reminding you to throw off the shoulds, breakthrough the barriers others have imposed on you, and instead - create your own parenting style

    Over the Course of the 5 Days, You’ll Discover:


    Children aren't ours to possess or own in any way. When we know this in the depths of our soul, we tailor our raising of them to their needs, rather than molding them to fit our needs.


    Together we’re challenging - and changing - the paradigm of modern parenting to one of joyful curiosity, humility, adventure, simplicity, and wonder.