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I'm the founder, writer and advocate behind the award-winning blog, Raised Good - a guide to natural parenting in the modern world.

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Discover the Lost Art of Natural Parenting

Learn how to silence the white noise of society, rouse your intuition and trust your natural parenting instincts. Don't miss this life-changing event on conscious parenting.

Discover the natural parenting secrets to raising happy, confident, resilient kids while nurturing your own inner wisdom.

Your Invitation to the Fourth Annual Raised Good Online Summit


Learn how to silence the white noise of society, rouse your intuition and trust your natural parenting instincts. Don't miss this life-changing free event on conscious parenting.


Discover the natural parenting secrets to raising happy, confident, resilient kids while nurturing your own inner wisdom.

Your Invitation to the Fourth Annual Raised Good Online Summit

Finding the right information and guidance as a parent in today's digital world can feel overwhelming. There are so many people with so many ideas about how to raise children it can be hard to know who to listen to

When you choose a more conscious path to parenting you can feel lost in the wilderness, drowning in ideas that contradict your inner wisdom, leaving you unsure where to turn for support.

If you're looking to learn from those who truly live and practice what they preach, who have chosen to raise their own children more consciously and who are passionate about the change this can bring about, join us for the 4th Annual Raised Good Summit.

In a series of 28 exclusive interviews with esteemed natural and conscious parenting experts, you will learn and be guided to trust and honor your own intuition as a parent.  

If you're ready to turn down the white noise and tune into the experts forging their own path, this is the summit for you. 

Join me and a global community of natural parents for the 4th Annual Raised Good Summit for a truly transformational experience cherished by parents worldwide. 

Ignite Your Parenting Journey with the Fourth Annual Raised Good Online Summit 2023!

They are so bang on. I feel like you’re saying things buried in my heart and asking all the deepest parts of my lingering questions. I have gained so much clarity and I think I have cried a million times - simultaneously, much of my guilt and my worried heart felt soothed with hope.


“These interviews were amazing. I have signed up for summits in the past and these have far exceeded my expectations.”

This is your invitation -
to challenge the paradigm of modern parenting to one of joyful curiosity, humility, adventure, simplicity, and wonder.


you can listen to the summit just like a podcast, accessing the conversations through your favorite podcast app. Whether you're on the go or prefer audio content, this feature allows for convenient and flexible listening.

The Rasied Good Online Summit is perfect for you if you want to:

Enjoy Flexible Listening


keep the sessions for future reference, ensuring you have trusted expert guidance at your fingertips whenever new challenges arise on your parenting journey.

Access Valuable Material Anytime


dive into the material at a pace that suits you. There's no need to worry about missing a single session or feeling rushed. Take your time to absorb and integrate the insights and strategies shared by our esteemed experts.

Learn at Your Own Pace


coordinate schedules with your parenting partner and watch the summit conversations together. This option provides an opportunity for meaningful discussions and alignment in your parenting approaches.

Watch Summit Conversations Together


the premium package gives you unlimited access to the summit sessions, allowing you to revisit any conversation whenever you want. This fosters a deeper integration of the material into your parenting practices.

Revisit Sessions for Deeper Integration

By upgrading to the Premium Package, not only do you unlock these incredible benefits for yourself, but you also support the summit, enabling us to continue offering this free event for years to come.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

How to introduce solids to babies

How to wean consciously from breastfeeding

What you need to know to cosleep safely

How to manage sensory overwhelm in motherhood

Why “mum” brain isn’t a bad thing

How to support childhood independence

How to get kids outside (no matter the weather!)

How to break the cycle of reactive parenting


Private Podcast

Listen to the interviews through a private podcast through your favourite podcast app (Apple Podcasts, Google Play etc.) so you can listen while you’re in the car, contact napping with your baby or chasing your little ones around the park. (value $397)

Certificate of Participation

Have something to show for the time you invest into the Summit with the official Raised Good Certificate of Participation - a tangible reminder of the close-knit family you’re consciously building. (value $47)

Searchable Video Content

Easily find what you need amongst all the summit material with our NEW searchability feature. Find the expert information you want easily when you need it most. (value $197)

Group Q&A Call: Ask Tracy Anything

Ask Tracy, natural parenting educator and Founder of Raised Good, your natural parenting questions in this exclusive group call. You’ll also receive lifetime, unlimited access to the replay and a PDF of notes for easy reference (value $297)

Speaker Action Steps Printable

Get practical tips and strategies for each speaker’s interview so you can start implementing what you’ve learned more easily (this is also a great resource to share with parenting partners).
(value $97)

Recommended Reading List

As many of our speakers are authors as well, I’ve compiled a list of books, by topic, so you can learn more from your favorite speakers and go even deeper. (value $47)

Dr. James McKenna

The Science of Breastsleeping

Dr. Tina Payne Bryson

The Power of Secure Attachment

Dr. Gordon Neufeld

How to Help Children Flourish

Kristen Neff, PhD

The Need For Fierce & Tender Self-Compassion in Parenting 

Mr Chazz

Overcoming Roadbocks to Positive Parenting


When you purchase the Premium Package, you will also receive five additional bonus sessions. Get exclusive access to the conversations from these top parenting experts: 

And that’s not all!

Summit speakers have generously offered the following products to Premium Package holders. 

Bedsharing Beginner's Guide

Valued at $34

by Tiffany Belanger at Cosleepy

This practical, research-backed guide will boost your confidence and excitement about being a modern parent with a baby in your bed! It's formatted as a night-in-the-life to demonstrate how bedsharing safety, comfort, and logistics play out in real time, as the evening goes on. Use it as a launchpad to help you design your own nightly routine that everybody in the family loves!

When Goodbye Is Too Hard Workshop

Valued at $30

by Dr. Vanessa Lapointe

Join Dr. Vanessa Lapointe for a one-hour workshop about how we can best support our children when struggling with separation anxiety. This pre-recorded workshop includes a question-and-answer period from her live presentation, enriching the content with real-life scenarios. Walk away with a four-page downloadable handout highlighting the main points from the presentation.

Yours free when you upgrade to the All Access Pass!

Navigating Screens Masterclass

Valued at $20

with Dr Laura Markham

Wondering how to set reasonable limits for screen time, gaming and TV for your child? Worried about meltdowns when the screen goes off? In this jam-packed 85-minute audio masterclass, Dr Laura Markham will guide you through the latest research on the relationship between various kinds of screen usage and mental health, and give you strategies and tools to manage your own relationship with screens and to navigate screens more peacefully with your children.

Mountain Meditation

Valued at $22

with Hunter Clarke-Fields

Be the solid, grounded parent your child needs you to be when things get tough. Hunter Clarke-Fields, creator of Mindful Parenting, offers this Mountain/Solid meditation from the Plum Village Tradition of Thich Nhah Han. She reminds you that taking a few minutes for yourself is the foundation of compassionate parenting. We cannot give from an empty cup. Refill yours with this meditation!

Stuttering and Sensitivity Guide

Valued at $85

by Lauren Conley

'Stuttering & Sensitivity' is a comprehensive guide for parents of children who stutter, written by Australian Speech Pathologist Lauren Conley. Discover within the little known link between stuttering and Sensory Processing Sensitivity and your child's unique stuttering and sensitivity traits. With this understanding, you will then be guided through unique integrative techniques you can start using today to support your child back to fluency.

ACCESS now for only $197 USD

This is an easy YES!

This may just be the most value I have ever packed into one offering because I am passionate about helping you on your parenting journey of transformation.


Introducing the 28 sought after visionaries that will help illuminate your parenting journey and generously share their knowledge and expertise with you.

Introducing Your Speakers

Dr. Gabor Maté

Physician, Bestselling Author

Dr. Shefali Tsabary

Clinical Psychologist, Bestselling Author

Dr. Dan Siegel

Clinical Professor of Psychiatry

Dr. Laura Markham

Best-selling Author and Founder of AhaParenting.com

Vanessa LaPointe

Parenting Educator, International Speaker, Best-selling Author

Lael Stone

Author, Educator, Speaker

Maggie Dent

Parenting author and educator

Dr. Ashurina Ream

Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Certified Perinatal Mental Health Specialist

Rosalia Rivera

Founder of CONSENTparenting™, Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Specialist

Kristin Mariella

Respectful Parenting Educator & Author

Elisa Song, MD

Integrative Pediatrician

Deborah MacNamara, PhD

Counsellor and Author of Rest, Play, Grow, and Nourished

Dr. Seb Lomas

Biological Dentist

Lauren Conley

Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist

Luka McCabe

Founder of Boob to Food, Midwife, Nurse, Nutrition Consultant, Author

Tiffany Belanger

Founder of Cosleepy

Jess Urlichs

Bestselling Author & Poet

Danielle Facey

Speaker & Author of ‘Self Care: The Breastfeeding Edition

Greer Kirshenbaum PhD

Neuroscientist and Doula

Natalie Brunswick

Psychotherapist, Occupational Therapist & Parenting Educator

Hunter Clarke-Fields, MSAE, RYT

Author and Host of the Mindful Mama Podcast

Lenore Skenazy

President of Let Grow, Founder of the Free-Range Kids movement

Linda Åkeson McGurk

Author of There's No Such Thing as Bad Weather and The Open-Air Life

Ginny Yurich

Founder of 1000 Hours Outside

Teva Johnstone, LCSW


Sheleana Aiyana

Founder of Rising Woman

Dayna Abraham

Best Selling Author

Shelly Robinson

Conscious Parenting Educator

30+ Conversations on Natural Parenting

Access our member-exclusive dashboard showcasing 28 honest, heartfelt, science-backed conversations on natural parenting (plus 5 bonus interviews) with leading conscious parenting experts. Easily search for topics – type "cosleeping" and be directed right where you need.
(value $1247)

Private Podcast

Tune in via a private podcast on popular platforms like Apple Podcasts and Google Play. Perfect for on-the-road listening, while contact napping with your little one, or even during park outings. I’m so excited to be able to offer this incredible bonus! (value $397)

Too Many Bonuses to List! 

The value packed into this offer is unprecedented! From the five early bird bonuses offering practical wisdom, to in-depth guides and workshops by our speakers, and the summit action steps PDF... the sheer value of these bonuses alone surpasses the summit’s cost. Don't miss out! (value $997)

The Premium Package Gives You Access to:

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“Tracy Gillett didn’t just interview me, she did her research and strived to understand the research and science behind my work. The conversation felt like I was with a friend, yet at the same time, dug into developmental science with rigour and thoughtfulness. The Raised Good Online Summit is a gift to parents and professionals aiming to make sense of kids through developmental science.

- Deborah MacNamara, PhD, Counsellor and Author, Rest, Play, Grow and Nourished

Join the Raised Good Online Summit 2023 for Five Days of Transformational Insights and learn how to: 

Harness Your Intuition: Parent with Gentleness, Responsiveness, and Connection.

Simplify Childhood: Fuel Natural Parenting and Overcome Challenges.

Unleash Your Parenting Potential: 

Follow Your Gut: Balance Facts, Data, and Science for Optimal Child Development.

Embrace Your Authentic Style: Break Free from Imposed Barriers and Create Your Own Path.

BUY NOW for $197


I’m Tracy - a writer, advocate, and adventure-seeking wife & mum based on Bowen Island in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Having our son opened my eyes and changed our lives in so many ways. Immediately confronted with the pressures and assumptions others placed on us as new parents, I dove in, did my research, and began sharing it with others. I’m still on that path today.

Through the Raised Good blog, and now - The Raised Good Virtual Summit - I help fellow mamas like you increase your confidence so you can make conscious choices that feel right for your family while strengthening you & your child’s connection. Together, we’re reclaiming the wonder of motherhood and the joy of childhood, one parenting decision at a time.

Hi friend!

Tracy Gillett

Led by yours truly,

Each year over 100,000 parents and caregivers across the globe are touched by the Raised Good Online Summit. It has become the event for conscious parents! 




Understanding why it's crucial for your kids to spend more time in nature and less time in scheduled activities…and how to do it

How to overcome sensory overwhelm in motherhood and create a peaceful environment that nurtures your child's growth and development.


Embracing the vital ingredient of play in your child's life.


When and how to night wean your baby.


Practical tips for cosleeping families from which mattress to choose, to how to keep your baby safe to maintaining intimacy with your partner. 


And so much more! 

Here’s What You’ll Experience

Each day you will hear from developmental and clinical psychologists, holistic paediatricians, best-selling authors, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, nutritionists, and parents just like you.

Our speakers will be covering topics like :

Curious about a few things?



Let’s See If It’s Been Answered Here...

Have Questions?

The Summit is a good fit for you if:

You’re in the process of trying to get pregnant or already pregnant.
You're a new mother, father, primary caregiver, grandparent, teacher, nanny...basically, if you have a child in your life, this summit is for you.
You have 1 or more children between the ages of 1 and 10 years old - (Parents with older children are certainly welcome to attend, however most of the conversations are predominantly relevant for parenting children from birth to 10 years old.)
You’re exploring “natural parenting” and want to decide for yourself what your parenting journey will look like. 

How do I know if the Raised Good ONLINE Summit is right for me?

We fully understand that life gets in the way and it may be unrealistic for you to spend 5+ hours over the course of 5 days to tune in. Which is why you can upgrade to the All-Access Pass and gain lifetime access to watch them at your own leisure. We’d also encourage you to do whatever you can to find the time to tune in as much as possible and immerse yourself in the event. The Summit was created to be a life-giving experience in a world of uncertainty, stress, fear, and worry.

It sounds great, but I’m way too busy for this right now. What if I can’t watch the interviews?

You certainly don’t have to, which is why there’s a completely free option to attend! And yes, the internet is full of resources, including those by many of our speakers. However, this event has been carefully and thoughtfully compiled to bring you honest dialogue from thought-leaders and experts here to see you step into your fullest, happiest, and most confident role as a parent. With content from more than 26 speakers, compiled for you all in one place, and the option to upgrade to lifetime access, this is an event that can become your go-to for years and years to come.

Do I really need to spend money on something like this right now? Can’t I get all of this from blogs, podcasts, or other conferences?

You will have access to each of the day’s 5 free interviews for 24 hours, then they’ll come down. So you’d watch Day 1’s interviews on Day 1, Day 2’s interviews on Day 2, and so on. All registrants will receive a full Summit Schedule so you know who’s speaking when and can plan out your viewing experience.

How long will I have access to the free interviews?

If you can’t watch it at the time it first airs, you will have 24 hours to watch it after that. And if that still doesn’t work for you, don’t worry! You can upgrade your free ticket to the All-Access Pass at any point to receive lifetime access. Each interview will be stored within a membership site for you to watch on-demand.

What if I can’t attend an interview I really want to hear?

We’ve put together a very long and robust line-up of speakers - making the Summit an online conference with incredible value. I’ve also created an environment for open, honest and vulnerable dialogue. Not a robotic, lecture-style conference that leaves you feeling more inadequate or in need of encouragement than before you registered. Raised Good has also grown to a blog and brand with millions of readers worldwide because of its commitment to in-depth research, idea-sharing, thought leadership, and true connection.

How is this Summit different from other online conferences?

All you need is an internet connection and a computer, tablet, or smartphone. There will be audio/video and audio-only versions of each interview. There will not, however, be a written or transcripted format at this time.

What do I need to tune in?

You can certainly do so! Just know, the cost of an All-Access Pass goes from $97 to $197 after the Summit ends. The sooner you upgrade, the more you save.

What if I decide I want to upgrade after the Summit ends?

Don’t see your question answered here? Get in touch at tracy@raisedgood.com

The line-up is unbelievable, the topics are relevant and cover such a wide range. Thank you so much for creating this, it's a gift."


"This is one of the best parenting summits I have ever attended.

Raised Good has grown into a movement of over 700,000 parents and caregivers worldwide. Join us and connect with your virtual village and no longer feel alone on your natural parenting journey. 


Inside the Premium Package you will unlock:

Lifetime access to 25+ expert conversations (value $1,247)
Lifetime access to 5 x bonus conversations with our most popular speakers (value $297)
5 bonus workshops and courses from our speakers (value $697)
Certificate of participation (value $47)
Searchable videos with subtitles for every conversation(value $197)
Private Podcast (value $397)
Recommended Reading Lists (value $47)
Ask Tracy Anything Q&A Session ($297)

Total Value $3,890

BUY NOW for $197

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