A 5-day virtual conference filled with 25 expert discussions
on natural parenting.


The Third Annual Raised Good Online Summit


"This is one of the best parenting summits I have ever attended. The line-up is unbelievable, the topics are relevant and cover such a wide range. Thank you so much for creating this, it's a gift."


This Summit Will Teach You to Parent Your Way and Lead Through a Relationship With Your Child, Not a Set of Strategies

The Raised Good Online Summit - loved and valued by parents across the globe - is back and all-new for 2022, bringing together 25 parenting experts with original interviews led by RG founder, Tracy Gillett.

"I'm in Australia, and every night about 9pm I was so excited to make a cuppa and sit and listen with my earphones to these amazing, super respected parenting role models. It's like you knew exactly what I needed to hear at the exact right time. Unbelievably inspiring and educational but also reassuring and reaffirming. Thank you xx.” 


I want you to know this: your child needs you, your whole self, your unapologetic authentic soul. 

The truth is, you don’t need to ‘find’ the answers. You are the answer. Which is why parenting is often about healing and transforming ourselves - stepping into our power and innate wisdom as women - as parents - and becoming strong leaders. For ourselves, for our children, and for those around us.

These well-respected experts, friends, colleagues, and fellow parents are the mentors who’ve been sitting on my bookshelf since I became a mama. They are the men and women I turn to when I don't know what to do as a parent. 

They’re the incredible humans I've watched speak on stages and whose courses I've taken. I’m deeply honoured to have shared such personal conversations with each speaker and now, I’m humbled to be able to share them all with you and engage in a dialogue together. 

So get ready for some vulnerability and authenticity. Get ready to laugh and cry. Get ready to learn and evolve.

And as you tune in, know this...


5 days
25 conversations
1 experience


A virtual conference bringing together the premier experts in conscious parenting and guiding you into deeper connection with your child
...and yourself.

Conversations on
Natural Parenting


and can be attended from the comfort of your own home.


What’s Being Said About the Summit

from the village

They are so bang on. I feel like you’re saying things buried in my heart and asking all the deepest parts of my lingering questions. I have gained so much clarity and I think I have cried a million times - simultaneously, much of my guilt and my worried heart felt soothed with hope.


“These interviews were amazing. I have signed up for summits in the past and these have far exceeded my expectations.”

So many people I follow, own books of, draw so much parenting knowledge from (mom of four) or professional guidance from (clinical social worker by trade). I so appreciate you and your ability to get this information shared widely.


“The caliber of speakers for this summit is extraordinary.”

My daughter is 2 months old and I’ve wanted to read parenting books since I became pregnant. I, like every other mom out there, wanted to be the best version of myself for my daughter. After trying to seek out the research, I was so overwhelmed with all the information. Thank you for caring so much and for creating this so that we raise brilliantly amazing humans. I can’t stop taking notes. Love your thoughtful discussions and hearing all your personal experiences.


“I came across your summit and it was exactly what I was looking for -(it’s) the way I want to learn and be empowered in my new role.”

My biggest takeaway overall is how many experts, how much science, supports natural parenting. How does more of the world not see this? What a great way to empower and encourage those of us who are already living this way. We can move forward feeling as if we’re not necessarily in the minority; we’re part of a growing movement.


“I’ve yet to watch a speaker who didn’t resonate with me in some way.”


The Raised Good Online Summit features an all-star line-up of widely respected industry professionals and fellow parents.

Each topic features a conversation-style interview with me, Tracy, the founder and mama behind Raised Good. These are open-hearted, relatable, and actionable discussions offering an array of ideas and perspectives - all in one place. Many of our speakers provide regular free education through their own blogs, podcasts, or published books, yet they are generously sharing insights and stories with the Raised Good audience that you can’t find anywhere else.

Our Distinguished Speakers

Dr. Gordon Neufeld

Why We Need to Hold Onto our Kids (And How to Do It)


Developmental Psychologist

Dr. Tina Payne Bryson  

The Whole Brain Child, How to Nurture Your Child’s Developing Mind

NY Times best-selling author, Speaker, Psychotherapist, and Mom

Lawrence Cohen, Ph.D

The Opposite of Worry: The Playful Parenting Approach to Childhood Anxieties

Licensed Psychologist, Best-selling Author

Kristin Neff, Ph.D

The Need for Both Fierce and Tender Self-Compassion in Parenting (And How to Do It) 

Best-Selling Author and Self-compassion Researcher

Richard Louv

Last Child in The Woods: Preventing Nature Deficit Disorder as well as Promoting a Connection to Animals

Best-selling author, Journalist and Co-founder of The Children and Nature Network

Amy Lang, MA

How and When to Talk to Our Children about the BIrds and the Bees

MA Sexuality & Parent Educator

Kim John Payne

Emotionally Resilient Tweens and Teens, Empowering Kids to Navigate Bullying, Teasing and Social Exclusion

Family Counselor, Author, Researcher and Educator

Julie Bogart

How to Raise Critical Thinkers In The Digital Age

Author and Founder of
Brave Writer

Leslie Hillebrand

How Culture Impacts How we Raise Our Kids

Xicana Madre, Parent Coach & Latinx Parenting Founder

Melissa Pintor Carnagey, LBSW

How to Talk with Our Kids about Consent

LBSW, Founder of Sex Positive Families

Mona Delahooke,Ph.D

How to Stop Managing Behaviour and Start Raising Joyful, Resilient Kids

Clinical Child Psychologist, Brain-Body Parenting

Patty Wipfler

The Power of Listening and the Healing Nature of Tears for our Children

Founder, Hand in Hand Parenting

Julie King and
Joanna Faber

How to Talk So Little Kids Will Listen

Authors and Parent Educators

Pam Leo

Parenting Through Connection Instead of Coercion

Literacy Activist and Author

Vivek Patel

How to Create Collaborative Relationships with your Children

Founder of Meaningful Ideas and Non-Coercive Collaborative Parenting

Carly Grubb

Beyond Sleep Training: Why We Should Never Ignore Our Babies’ Cries

Founder of Little Sparklers and The Beyond Sleep Training Project

Dr. Pamela Douglas

A Neuroprotective Developmental Approach to Infant Sleep

Medical Director, Founder of Possums & Co.

Danielle Facey

Breastfeeding: Self-care, Myths and Normalising Nursing Beyond Infancy

Founder of The Breastfeeding Mentor

Dr. Nils Bergman

Kangaroo Mother Care: Why Skin to Skin Contact is Critical for Babies

Public Health Physician, Skin-to-skin contact Researcher

Dr. Sarah Buckley

The Science and Wisdom of Birth, Oxytocin and New Motherhood

Medical Doctor, Best-Selling Author and Mother

Fiona Weaver

Rupture and Repair Through the Lens of Attachment

Family Sleep Coach and Founder of Mama Matters

Sarah Rosensweet

Peacefully Parenting Siblings: How to Stop the Fighting and Promote Connection

Peaceful Parenting Coach, Speaker, and Educator

Tom Piccirilli

A Dad’s Perspective on Gentle Parenting, Boundaries and Staying Calm

Founder of The Dad Vibes

Dr. Maya Shetreat

The Dirt Cure: Healthy Food, Healthy Gut, Happy Child 

Neurologist, Herbalist, Urban farmer, and Author

Dr. Darcia Narvaez

The Evolved Nest: Why It’s Impossible to Spoil a Baby with Love

Professor of Psychology


I believe that it is our job to tune into our motherly intuition, as faint of a voice as it may be at first, and understand why we choose to make the decisions that we do. 



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Summit Notebook

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Recommended Reading list

As many of our speakers are authors as well, I’ve compiled a list of books, by topic, so you can learn more from your favorite speakers and go even deeper.


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Connected Parenting for Resilient Kids

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Searchable Video Content

Easily find what you need amongst all the summit material with our NEW searchability feature. Type in ‘attachment’ and all content related to attachment and their relevant timestamps in the interviews will appear. Find the expert information you want easily when you need it most. 


When you purchase the Raised Good Online Summit, you’ll have the option to also grab the Summit eBook.

The Summit eBook is designed so that you can put your pen down, relax and listen to these incredible conversations in the knowledge that all of the important points from each interview are captured for you in this eBook. This is a reference to come back to when you need a little refresher.

The eBook is almost 100 beautifully designed pages delivering insights, wisdom and practical advice from the 25 expert interviews on all topics related to natural parenting.

Over the course of the 5 days, you'll discover...





How to cultivate a relationship with your own intuition in order to know how to respond to your child’s needs and parent with more gentleness, responsiveness and connection

A balance of facts, data, and the science behind your gut instinct , allowing you to choose what's best for your child and their development and tune out the white noise

Ideas and examples of how to simplify childhood and resultantly, fuel natural parenting (and overcome its challenges)

A reconnected sense of self reminding you to throw off the shoulds, breakthrough the barriers others have imposed on you, and instead - create your own parenting style

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Lifetime Access to All 25 Interviews
Connected Parenting for Resilient Kids 
Downloadable Audio Files for Every Interview
Summit Booklet
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I'm all in!

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New Parenthood
Sleep, Breastfeeding, Skin to Skin Contact, Birth

Raising Kids Well
Gentle Discipline, Intergenerational Healing, , Consent, Birds and the Bees, Emotional Regulation, Brain Development, Conscious Parenting

Play, Resilience, Attachment, Getting into Nature, Social Navigation

Mindfulness, Natural Health, Gut-Brain Connection

Motherhood and Fatherhood, Adjusting to New Life, Parenting Siblings, Self-Compassion

...then you’re in the right place.

Each interview covers a different topic but focuses on these life-giving aspects of natural parenting and is intended to make you feel like you’re sitting at the table with us; parent to parent.

If you have questions, or an interest in learning more
about any of the following...



I’m Tracy - a writer, advocate, and adventure-seeking wife & mum based on Bowen Island in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Having our son opened my eyes and changed our lives in so many ways. Immediately confronted with the pressures and assumptions others placed on us as new parents, I dove in, did my research, and began sharing it with others. I’m still on that path today.

Through the Raised Good blog, and now - The Raised Good Virtual Summit - I help fellow mamas like you increase your confidence so you can make conscious choices that feel right for your family while strengthening you & your child’s connection. Together, we’re reclaiming the wonder of motherhood and the joy of childhood, one parenting decision at a time.

Hi friend!

Tracy Gillett

Led by yours truly,

What’s Being Said About the Summit

from the village

 And these talks have opened up so many important conversations with my husband; we are much more in sync and confident, whereas before we were constantly second guessing ourselves and our choices. We are both HSPs and have been finding the parenting journey more challenging than we expected, but now we have the tools and knowledge to help the whole family get their needs met. Overall We’ve learned so much over the past five days. I feel so validated and reaffirmed! Thank you so very much for all that you do, and for turning us on to other like minded parents and professionals in this great community.


“I have a much stronger sense now that the way I want to parent is actually attainable.”

So much of this resonates with me. This summit has come along at the right time for me, just when I was starting to doubt myself and the way that I mother to our 3.5 years and 6 month old little people. I can’t quite find the words and wish I could just give you a giant hug of thanks and appreciation.


“These last few days have been so enriching, like you’re speaking to my soul.”

You’re such a wonderful host and every interview was a breath of fresh air. My husband has always had a desire to gently parent. I was so pleased to learn more about how this way of parenting is a return to the natural way and is so beautiful and beneficial for the whole family. This summit was a truly transformative experience for me. Because of you I will be holding my son a little closer and will allow for his childhood to progress gently, enjoying the little moments so much more.


“Thank you so much for putting together an excellent summit for parents on the path less travelled.”

You’ve discovered a vibrant community made up of diverse individuals, not singularly dependent on a rigid right-or-wrong way of thinking. We’re parents like you, finding our footing, forging our place in the world, and teaching our children how to do the same.

Curious about a few things?



Let’s See If It’s Been Answered Here...

Have Questions?

The Summit is a good fit for you if:

You’re in the process of trying to get pregnant or already pregnant.
You're a new mother, father, primary caregiver, grandparent, teacher, nanny...basically, if you have a child in your life, this summit is for you.
You have 1 or more children between the ages of 1 and 10 years old - (Parents with older children are certainly welcome to attend, however most of the conversations are predominantly relevant for parenting children from birth to 10 years old.)
You’re exploring “natural parenting” and want to decide for yourself what your parenting journey will look like. 

How do I know if the Raised Good ONLINE Summit is right for me?

We fully understand that life gets in the way and it may be unrealistic for you to spend 5+ hours over the course of 5 days to tune in. Which is why you can upgrade to the All-Access Pass and gain lifetime access to watch them at your own leisure. We’d also encourage you to do whatever you can to find the time to tune in as much as possible and immerse yourself in the event. The Summit was created to be a life-giving experience in a world of uncertainty, stress, fear, and worry.

It sounds great, but I’m way too busy for this right now. What if I can’t watch the interviews?

You certainly don’t have to, which is why there’s a completely free option to attend! And yes, the internet is full of resources, including those by many of our speakers. However, this event has been carefully and thoughtfully compiled to bring you honest dialogue from thought-leaders and experts here to see you step into your fullest, happiest, and most confident role as a parent. With content from more than 25 speakers, compiled for you all in one place, and the option to upgrade to lifetime access, this is an event that can become your go-to for years and years to come.

Do I really need to spend money on something like this right now? Can’t I get all of this from blogs, podcasts, or other conferences?

You will have access to each of the day’s 5 free interviews for 24 hours, then they’ll come down. So you’d watch Day 1’s interviews on Day 1, Day 2’s interviews on Day 2, and so on. All registrants will receive a full Summit Schedule so you know who’s speaking when and can plan out your viewing experience.

How long will I have access to the free interviews?

If you can’t watch it at the time it first airs, you will have 24 hours to watch it after that. And if that still doesn’t work for you, don’t worry! You can upgrade your free ticket to the All-Access Pass at any point to receive lifetime access. Each interview will be stored within a membership site for you to watch on-demand.

What if I can’t attend an interview I really want to hear?

We’ve put together a very long and robust line-up of speakers - making the Summit an online conference with incredible value. I’ve also created an environment for open, honest and vulnerable dialogue. Not a robotic, lecture-style conference that leaves you feeling more inadequate or in need of encouragement than before you registered. Raised Good has also grown to a blog and brand with millions of readers worldwide because of its commitment to in-depth research, idea-sharing, thought leadership, and true connection.

How is this Summit different from other online conferences?

All you need is an internet connection and a computer, tablet, or smartphone. There will be audio/video and audio-only versions of each interview. There will not, however, be a written or transcripted format at this time.

What do I need to tune in?

You can certainly do so! Just know, the cost of an All-Access Pass goes from $97 to $197 after the Summit ends. The sooner you upgrade, the more you save.

What if I decide I want to upgrade after the Summit ends?

Don’t see your question answered here? Get in touch at tracy@raisedgood.com

What's included in your All-Access Pass


Lifetime Access to All 25 Interviews
Connected Parenting for Resilient Kids 
Downloadable Audio Files for Every Interview
Summit Booklet
Recommended Reading List
Inspiring Digital Wallpapers
20% Exclusive Discount to Raised Good 
Certificate of Participation


The sooner you upgrade, the more you save.


I'm all in!

*The lifetime all-access pass is available at the discounted rate of $87 until September 28th then the price increases to $197.

“Children aren't ours to possess or own in any way. When we know this in the depths of our soul, we tailor our raising of them to their needs, rather than molding them to fit our needs.”



Together we’re challenging - and changing - the paradigm of modern parenting to one of joyful curiosity, humility, adventure, simplicity, and wonder.