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A 1:1 fireside chat with Tracy

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The Lost Art of Natural Parenting eBook

Beautifully written with candor and vulnerability, The Lost Art of Natural Parenting eBook will:


Over 3,000 copies sold 

Valued at $27, on sale for only $17!

  • Provide you with a deep understanding of what is meant by the term “natural parenting”
  • Teach you how to follow your instincts and become a conscious, more mindful parent
  • Present the facts, biology and scientific support as to why this approach works
  • Explain how your parenting choices impact your child’s brain development and their long-term happiness
  • Make your parenting journey easier and more fulfilling as you go with rather than against the grain of childhood
  • Empower and embolden you to pioneer your own unique parenting path (whether you’re new to this or not)

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“The Lost Art of Natural Parenting shares a beautiful message – that parenting can be an enlightening experience, challenging us to become the best version of ourselves as our children teach us how to become the parents they need us to be. It is a fascinating read and as a parent, one can’t help but feel empowered in the knowledge that by taking an intentional and conscious approach to parenting, no matter how different that may look to the mainstream, we are setting the stage for a lifetime of unyielding connection with our children. I can’t recommend this book highly enough for parents who feel that there must be a better way.” 

– Dr. Shefali Tsabary | NYT Bestselling Author and Clinical Psychologist



The Raised Good 2022 Online Summit

The best online conference for natural parents bringing together the premier experts in conscious parenting and guiding you into a deeper connection with your child...and yourself.

The 2022 Raised Good Online Summit is an all-star line-up of 25 parenting experts from around the world, including Dr Gordon Neufeld, Dr Tina Payne Bryson, Dr Larry Cohen, Kristin Neff Ph.D,, Kim John Payne, Julie Bogart, Richard Louv, Patty Wipfler, Mona Delahooke, Ph.D, Pam Leo, Melissa Pintor-Carnagey and more.

This summit has become renowned by parents and caregivers, not only because of the incredible experts that share their wisdom, but also due to Tracy’s ability to share open-hearted, relatable, and actionable conversations on natural parenting offering an array of ideas and stories that you can't find anywhere else - all in one place.


Attended by over 60,000 parents worldwide! 

Valued at $197, on sale for only $87

With your purchase you’ll receive instant access to:

  • All 25 video interviews (lifetime access) 
  • 25 Downloadable Audio Files for Every Interview so you can listen on the go
  • Summit Booklet
  • Recommended Reading List
  • Inspiring Digital Wallpapers
  • Certificate of Participation

Plus a bonus 12 page guide: Connected Parenting for Resilient Kids

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The Good Science Sleep Guides 


This holistic, 6-part series of evidence-based guides will inspire you to stop feeling as though sleep training is a necessary part of parenthood and encourage you and your baby to find sleep at night in a way that feels right to you.


Loved by parents…and exclusive (new) bonuses!

Valued at $67 on sale for only $37 

  • Get informed with bite-sized scientific research
  • Discover how you can foster your child’s sense of attachment
  • Be empowered to tune out all the “shoulds” and judgements of others
  • Learn the need-to-knows about shared sleep
  • Care for your child in a way that honours their natural needs & rhythms
  • Gain the confidence to stand firm in your decisions

With your purchase you will also receive the following practical resources: 

  • Biologically Normal Infant Sleep Resources
  • List of Recommended Online Communities, Podcasts and More
  • Safe Infant Sleep Resources
  • The Sleep Series Cheat Sheet

deal THREE

Exclusive offer: just for Black Friday, I’m throwing in these two incredible expert interviews as a bonus:

  • 'The Science of Breastsleeping', Dr James McKenna
  • 'Feed, Sleep, Bond', Lyndsey Hookway

“The Good Science Sleep Guides are a ‘must read’ for both parents and professionals who work with families. They are meticulously researched but also an easy read for tired parents. They will support you to make evidence-based choices about your child’s sleep needs and nurture in a way that supports optimum development and secure attachment. Above all, the Good Science Sleep Guides will help you ditch the pressure to ‘train’ your baby by ignoring signalling of your child’s very real needs. They will reassure you that you are not ‘creating bad habits’ or the proverbial ‘rod for your back’ by responding as your heart is calling you to your child. Save yourself and your baby the tears of self-doubt by reading these important guides.”

- Pinky McKay IBCLC | Mother of five, best-selling author ‘Sleeping Like a Baby’



Gentle Discipline Practical Printables

Brand new for the 2022 Black Friday sale, we’ve created a series of five practical guides that you can implement in your family today. These guides are full of practical strategies including scripts, alternatives to traditional discipline, instead of this say that, and instead of this do that as well as a guide dedicated to deepening connection which is the key to cooperation. 

This is the first time these printables have been available and this is the lowest price this bundle will ever be, so grab yours now! 

Brand new and exclusive! 

Valued at $77 on sale for only $37

Here’s what you’ll receive when you purchase the Gentle Discipline Practical Printables: 

  • Parenting Without Praise 
  • Parenting Without Timeouts
  • Parenting Without Punishment 
  • Parenting With Connection 
  • The Magic of Modeling

“The level of cooperation parents get from children is usually equal to the level of 
connection children feel with their parents.” 

- Pam Leo, author of Connection Parenting




A 1:1 fireside chat with Tracy

Maybe you’re a new mum and feeling lost. Maybe you’re in the toddler years and feeling overwhelmed by your child’s big feelings. Maybe you’re working through sleep challenges or trying to figure out whether to go down the homeschooling path.

A once-off hourly conversation with Tracy may just be the supportive pep talk you need to help you get unstuck. You will feel seen, heard and validated. This is a non-judgmental space to chat with a mama who gets it! 

Or if you’re looking to start your own online business and looking for some advice or clarity from someone who is passionate about entrepreneurship, then this could be the perfect opportunity for you.

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  • A one-hour chat with Tracy via Zoom or WhatsApp (a video call or old-fashioned phone call, whichever you prefer!)

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