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Explore Raised Good’s signature collection of courses and educational guides to boost your confidence, alleviate your fears, and rouse your intuition.


Raised Good’s educational approach started with a blog, expanded into an ebook, and today has become a growing library of in-depth, yet digestible programs & guides. Each one has been compiled by Tracy’s extensive scientific research, her first-hand experience as parent, endless peer-review, and valued contribution from well-respected experts in their field. The heart of it all remains the same: Provide the online resources and community that you need to reclaim the wonder of motherhood and the joy of childhood, while deepening your family’s lifelong bond.


Comprehensive Courses

Currently only available a couple of times per year, these courses provide a deep dive into a particular topic to help you abound as a new or not-so-new parent.



Nurtured Nights Academy

You’ll learn about biologically normal infant sleep and be provided with the critical sleep education that mainstream society isn’t talking about. This course will teach you how to naturally thrive through early parenthood, get into a connected flow with your child, and finally get more precious rest.

An honest, evidence-based, and comprehensive education on infant sleep for new parents who crave doing things naturally and intuitively



The Attached Child

Secure attachment is universal. Which means, this isn’t a parenting style, this is a biological need. In addition to stepping into your natural power as a parent, you will also experience a positive impact on every relationship in your life, including the one you have with yourself.

A 4-module, self-paced course that teaches you the heart and science of secure attachment so your child can experience a lifetime of love, belonging and joy.


You have taught me to trust myself when it comes to my baby! That is such a valuable thing. Instead of living in fear and doubt, [I’ve learn to go with] what I instinctively knew to be right. Thank you. Stumbling upon your website is one of the best things to happen to me since the baby came. Keep up the good work! You have made it into a ministry.

- Jessica Shephard

“Stumbling on your website is one of the best things to happen to me since the baby came.” 

You are an absolute inspiration in every walk of life. Your book is keeping me warm during the days that are harder and when I question it all. And your personal posts on Instagram keep me confident to stay honest and vulnerable. I feel like shutting down so often with fear and feeling uncomfortable, but also desperate to share my words and a voice to others that may feel the same. To really connect. And you have done all of those things for me, as well as to give me a real confidence boost that I have never had from anywhere else.


“Your book is keeping me warm during the days that are harder and when I question it all.”

Tracy, I cannot stress enough how much I needed you, your book, The Lost Art of Natural Parenting and the tribe you have created in my life! As a millennial first time mother, there are a lot of trends and ridiculous ideas out there, not to mention that the information available is both overwhelming and inconsistent. So, when I knew in my heart that I wanted to practice natural parenting - you have and continue to help me define that. You roused my instincts into action and brought together a tribe that’s invaluable. [...] This is my go-to and most supportive tribe that I’m lucky to be a part of. The book was amazing and helped me understand what I was looking for out there but couldn’t find. 


“You roused my instincts into action and brought together a tribe that’s invaluable.”

Ingrain your parent-child relationship with connection - right from the very start.


Smaller digital products filled with big ideas and proven research to guide you along your journey.

The Lost Art of Natural Parenting

A 120 page ebook by Tracy Gillett.


The Good Science Guides

A 6-part bundle about infant sleep.


Over 2000 copies sold


Raised Good is about more than parenting tips and support. It’s a movement. It’s a community of like-minded parents from around the world who understand how difficult it can be to walk the path alone. So we created a trusted and intimate space where we can walk it together.

A loving, supportive, empowering village awaits.


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