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I'm Tracy 

I'm the founder, writer and advocate behind the award-winning blog, Raised Good - a guide to natural parenting in the modern world.

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Do you feel alone in your natural parenting choices?

It can be hard to swim against the tide of mainstream parenting choices. And that’s why I created this mini eCourse to ROUSE your instincts and EMPOWER you in your natural parenting choices.

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I’m SO happy you’re here! Why? Because it means you’re a rock star parent already. You’re committed to digging beneath the surface to find what works best for YOUR family. You’re a brave soul who has the courage to swim against the tide of the mainstream.

Our society expects us to take the conventional route that’s been laid out for us. No questions asked. But, what if that doesn’t feel right? What if we pull back the veil on common parenting practices and don’t like what we see? What if we crave a closer connection with our babies? What if we want parenting to be a magical experience rather than a series of chores to get through?

Join me for the next five days and we’ll delve into what it takes to make authentic decisions for YOUR family. And how to muster the courage to stand firm when others around you try to bring you back to the mainstream.

Let’s ROUSE our instincts and find the courage to be the parents our children need us to be.