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Are you tired of being asked if your baby is ‘sleeping through the night’?

Do you enjoy nursing your baby to sleep but feel worried that you’re creating a ‘bad’ habit?

Our adult-centric society tends to measure maternal ‘success’ by the number of consecutive hours babies sleep. So much so, that it is critical to recognise this is the first of countless lies society tells us as new parents.

Join the 5-day natural sleep series where we’ll dig beneath the surface and debunk a handful of the most common misconceptions about infant sleep so that you can safely cross them off your list of concerns.

These are the whispers of a modern culture that has become disconnected from how nature intended us to parent – let’s reverse that trend, parent in the light and empower ourselves to make decisions that are right for our own families.

Join the FREE Sleep Empowerment Series and Receive Your Guide: The Lies Surrounding Infant Sleep You Can Safely Ignore As a New Parent

I’m SO happy you’re here! Why? Because it means you’re committed to following your instincts to find what works best for YOUR family. You’re a brave soul who has the courage to swim against the tide of the mainstream.

Let’s ROUSE our instincts and find the courage to be the parents our children need us to be.