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I'm Tracy 

I'm the founder, writer and advocate behind the award-winning blog, Raised Good - a guide to natural parenting in the modern world.

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This is your place to uncover the parent you want to be,
not the one you’re told you should be.

A loving, supportive, empowering village awaits. 

Gather is about more than parenting tips and support. It’s a movement. It’s a community of like-minded parents from around the world who understand how difficult it can be to walk the path alone.


Whether you’re headed down the parenting path for the first time, or you’ve been on this road for a while, it’s easy to feel as though the path gets lonely and confusing at times.


Where instinct & intuition roar

Gather is Here to Build:

If you’re searching for a place to feel seen, heard and understood, you’ve found it! Connect with like-minded mums, dads & caregivers! Beyond Facebook Groups, we offer LIVE Zoom calls, book clubs, shared research, stories, and win celebrations. Some mums have even connected in person!



Each month, immerse yourself in enriching content that bolsters your confidence as a natural parent. Engage with guest experts delivering specialized workshops and hosting interactive Q&A sessions, providing deeper insights and tailored advice.



Become a part of our active private Facebook group where you can post questions, share experiences, and find encouragement from fellow Gather members. Additionally, join me and other members for monthly group Zoom calls. Connect mama to mama as we support and lift one another up on our journeys.



Deepen your knowledge with natural parenting masterclasses covering topics including: sleep, breastfeeding, play, simplifying childhood, homeschooling, conscious discipline, and attachment science. You’ll also find a growing library of cheat sheets, checklists, and guides.

Education & Expertise


You Know You Want to Trust Your Intuition and Parent Differently, But You No Longer Want to Feel…

Confused and overwhelmed 

The barrage of conflicting parenting advice, from sleep training to traditional discipline, can be disorienting. You're committed to doing what's best for your child, but the path isn't always clear. Self-doubt has found its way into your journey, and it's affecting your experience of motherhood.

Alone and unsupported 

Your natural parenting instincts guide you. Responding to your child feels intuitively right. But you feel alone. What you long for is a village—a community of like-minded parents who not only understand but also champion your choices. You seek a haven where vulnerability, imperfection, and authenticity are celebrated. A space where you can truly be seen and heard.

Like something just isn’t aligning

Perhaps you've ventured down the road of sleep training, traditional discipline, or other mainstream parenting techniques. Yet, something didn't sit right with you. You're on a quest for a more conscious approach, a deeper connection, and the assurance to parent confidently on your own terms.

Gather isn’t about labels, strategies, or simply joining a club, this is about fostering a lifelong connection with your child - and as a bonus, other mamas around the world, too.

Monthly themes and content around a central parenting practice. For example conscious discipline, all things infant sleep, simplifying childhood and so much more.

Monthly Content


A place to dive deep into whatever is going on for you. Bring your questions, your stories an open heart and get to know one other a little better.

Coffee Chats


The very best in their fields bringing you everything you need to know about parenting with heart, while rooted in science and helping you embrace the natural parent within.

Expert Masterclasses


Tune in to all of the Gather Masterclasses on the go on your podcast app of choice while chasing after your kids or napping beside your baby.

Private Podcast


Join your village of like-minded mamas who just get it! You don't need to walk this path alone, come and gather with us, mama!

Supportive Community


Helpful reminders and guides to help work through and integrate everything you are learning inside Gather.

Cheatsheets & Guides



The Confident Parent Course

With loving instruction and plenty of inner reflection, I’ll help you find the courage and grit to stop giving too-much-of-a toss what everyone else thinks and instead, follow through on what feels right for your family - be it cosleeping, breastfeeding, homeschooling, gentle discipline, and any other not-so-popular act of natural parenting.

Boost your courage and strengthen your leadership as a parent

The Connected Brain Course

By understanding how our babies brains grow and develop we can ground our natural choices in sound science and research. You’ll learn how to nurture your child's growing curiosity and development. Armed with this information you will quickly start to question the validity of some of the mainstream parenting ideas and practices and understand why nurture and responsiveness are key to healthy brain development.

Learn how to support your baby’s brain development for lifelong mental wellness.

The Private Podcasts

Tune into our exclusive private podcast, where you can access over 30 masterclasses from the RG Online Summits. Perfect for when you're on the move, contact napping, or driving. Gain insights from renowned experts and fellow parents.

The Book Club

Delve into books chosen collectively by the community. Engage in discussion threads with fellow members, and on special occasions, with the authors themselves. Join our coffee chat sessions and make the most of succinct summaries and cheat sheets for quick book recaps.

Dr. Vanessa Lapointe

Psychologist, Author, Parent Educator


Greer Kirshenbaum, Ph.D

World’s First Neuroscientist Doula

Dr. Sophie Brock

Motherhood Studies Sociologist

Conscious Discipline Workshop

Nurtured Infant Sleep Workshop

The Perfect Mother Myth and Mental Load Workshop

Guides and cheat sheets


  • Self Talk reframe cheat sheet

  • Boundaries cheat sheet

  • Scripts for helping set boundaries

  • Mama Mantras for being present

  • Mama Mantras for tired parents

  • 10 natural parenting values

  • The safe sleep seven cheat sheet

  • The safe surface checklist sheet

  • Attachment 101 Guide 

  • Perfect Mother Myth Worksheet

  • Parenting without punishment guide

  • Say this, not that cheatsheet 

Dive into this collection of succinct guides and cheat sheets, crafted to be your quick reference point. Whether you're looking to reinforce what you've learned or need a swift inspiration boost, these resources are here to provide clarity in a pinch.

Let me save you time, mama, so you can focus on being with your child.


Let me take you on a little tour of Gather….

Raised Good has grown into a movement of over 700,000 parents and caregivers worldwide. Gather is the inner circle! Join us and no longer feel alone on your natural parenting journey.




You’re craving a private space where you can speak up, explore your beliefs, ask the hard or taboo questions, and get some truly evidence-based answers

You want to feel bolder with your gentler, more conscious choices, without shying away after receiving judgment from everyone around you, whether your mother-in-law, pediatrician, or a coworker


You want to educate yourself, without drowning in the sea of search engines, where each article seems to contradict the next 


You need guidance that’s affordable, impactful, relevant, and on-going - and that’s right there, right when you need it


You’ve gone to mom support groups, but they turn about to be all about pushing sleep training or traditional discipline - and you know there has to be another way


You’ve felt aligned with the Raised Good approach to natural parenting and would love to take advantage of the opportunity to dive deeper into it

Gather is the community for you if…


I'm Tracy

Hi there!

The mainstream often steers us in other directions, and that's where Raised Good comes in—a guide to embracing parenting that feels...well, natural. We're all sensing that the traditional ways might not be the best fit, and while I don't have all the answers, I'm here to ask the tough questions alongside you and advocate for our kids—and for you, their brave and extraordinary parents. Launching a membership experience has always been a dream, and I can't wait to share, connect, and enjoy a virtual coffee chat from my island home nestled in the forest, to yours!

When I first began my journey with Raised Good, it was during those precious moments when my son, then a baby, was napping. Fast forward, and he's now a spirited 10-year-old, a constant reminder of how quickly time flies and how pivotal our roles as parents are. 

Think natural parenting is straightforward? Think again! 

Over time, the Raised Good community has grown immensely, with over a million readers resonating with the message. While I no longer write to the backdrop of his baby naps, my passion and drive remain the same. 

Tracy feels like that supportive friend you've always wanted by your side as you journey through the ups and downs of motherhood.

My promise to you:

What I can assure you of as we continue moving forward:

I will help you make a conscious effort to raise happy and healthy children.

I will help you forge a trusting bond and an unshakeable connection.

I will help you attune to your child’s needs and respond with respect and compassion.

I will help you make informed decisions based on what feels most natural to you. Nobody else.

I will help you reclaim the wonder of motherhood and surrender to the joy and messiness of childhood.

I will help rouse your instincts and boost your confidence, to step into your own power.

This is when life and parenting really gets good.
Are you ready?

In this community, may we always lead with curiosity and openness and forge a deep connection over what we have in common, and what we don’t.



Created to serve as an online community of parents who are walking the path of natural parenting and seeking the support of like-minded people to grow alongside.


We will hold space for you, mama!

Together, we will access evidence-based, research-backed insights on key natural parenting topics and learn to revel in early childhood's magic and rediscover the wonder of parenthood.

It's your time to dive into a self-led, values-driven parenting journey, confident enough to challenge the status quo. 

Get ready to grow and evolve as a parent embracing consciousness, emotional intelligence, and connection. 

And here’s what we can chat about…

  • Sleep
  • Breastfeeding
  • Conscious discipline  
  • Postpartum 
  • EC 
  • Homeschooling 
  • Natural health 
  • Screen time 
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Secure attachment 
  • Healthy brain development 
  • Simplicity…and so much more! 

I’m here for the conversation…nothing’s taboo here!

You've got options my friend.


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 $197 / YEAR


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Close your eyes and imagine feeling...

Empowered, knowing a whole community supports and uplifts you.

Surrounded by like-minded parents, sharing joys and challenges.

Confidence in every parenting choice you make.

You could keep going it alone, find the information you need somewhere in the depths of the internet as you spend each night googling, hoping to find alignment in what you read to give you the courage and confidence you need to forge your own parenting path.

You could be a part of a community that gets it. Say goodbye to feeling isolated. Benefit from collective wisdom, hone your intuition, fortify the bond with your child, and elevate your confidence as a mother.

Do you want to silence the mainstream parenting paradigm and truly thrive in your motherhood journey?

I want that for you too!



We’d love for you to Gather with us! Come and join your village.


Also love that you don't hand out prescriptions or make parents feel like they need "experts" to help them raise their kids well.


“I am so thankful to have a reliable, science-backed resource to recommend when on-lookers express judgment or concern for the way our family chooses to function.”

It’s showing us that though it is hard, the end result is a relationship with your child that is unforgettable and meaningful.


“(I love how Raised Good’s approach) speaks honestly and kindly to parents and balances the good & the bad.”

Your approach is respectful of children of all ages, helps parents have confidence in their instincts and realize that we are enough as long as we trust ourselves to care for our babies the way we were intended to.


“I enjoy my child more and this season in life that we are in.”

You’re authentic and calm - after reading or listening, I just feel better inside, lighter, like that best friend chatting over a coffee laughing the doubt and guilt away! Thanks Tracy!!


“You give practical advice, and a gentle approach which I can see a difference in my children when applying.”

It’s not only a site where I go to read personal experiences but those are always accompanied by science and experts’ knowledge which has opened my mind to new reading and learning more every day about gentle parenting and how it’s possible to get that magical connection with my kid.


“(I love) how real it is and how it resonates so much with me.”

Have a Question? You May Find the Answer Here.


Absolutely! We’d love to have you join now. Our culture focuses so much on the birth…and not a whole lot about what happens once the baby is born. Come and learn from me and other mamas who have walked this path before you. Lean on us and let us celebrate your baby along with you! 

Not at all. You know that’s not how I roll. If you join and decide that Gather isn’t quite right for you, you can cancel any time, no questions asked. 

For sure! Raised Good has always grown at the pace of my child. So this membership is perfect for all parents with kids under the age of 10 years. And…as the membership grows we’ll also start to offer more support for the tween and teen years (please tell me - how do they grow so fast?!). 

Gather is SO much more than a Facebook group. The intention of Gather is that it will have four core components: 

Community: Connect with other mamas (dads & caregivers, too!) who are searching for a place where they can feel safe, seen, heard and understood. This will be a more intimate group compared to a group of 20K parents where it's impossible to connect one on one. 

Wisdom: Each month, you’ll also find content related to building your confidence as a natural parent. As a member, you’ll even receive access to our highly anticipated course, The Confident Parent, 

Support: Join me and other Gather members for group Zoom calls to connect mama to mama as we support one another on our journeys.

Education and Expertise: Further your knowledge with workshops, and expert interviews covering a variety of topics including: sleep, breastfeeding, play, toddlers, simplifying childhood, homeschooling, gentle parenting, discipline, connection, attachment, and brain development.

I’m closing the doors to the membership on xx so that we can focus on getting to know one another, build community and dive into the content together. The membership will open again, but likely not for a few months and it won’t be released at this low price again.

1000%! Yes, come and join us. This is a judgement free zone. We don’t all need to do things exactly the same way - what brings us together is a desire to parent consciously and to forge our own paths rather than follow someone else’s prescription. YOU are very welcome! 

For sure, this membership is suitable for anyone who cares for children, whether you’re a parent or not. 

If you join now, you will always pay $25 per month even when the price goes up. The content available inside the membership will grow over time as I add to it each month. The great thing about joining now is that you're joining at the lowest possible price and you'll lock that price in.

For sure you could get some of the information that way, and spend time down the google rabbit hole! We’ve all done it, even me back in the early days of parenthood….. I’ll be honest - it led me nowhere and around in circles.

Parenthood is not a set of strategies or simply reading ideas from a book, parenthood is the day to day lived practice of what we learn. Sometimes that cannot be done alone, the value of community here cannot be underestimated.

It is in the integrating of and hearing others stories and sharing our own that is the powerful intersection between digesting information and assimilating the information. Gather provides a community where you can work through ideas together, discuss themes and research to really understand the nuance of what is being said. It is a space to workshop what works for your own individual family with those who are trying to figure that out too. 

Gather provides what we all need in parenthood, community, something a blog or book cannot provide. Gather has been created for humans to interact with other humans on the same path, google cannot offer you that.

All the ways! There will be video and audio content. We’ll have live workshops with Q&A’s. We’ll have mama zoom coffee dates. We’ll have cheat sheets and PDF downloads. And as a founding member…you’ll be able to tell me…how you would like the content delivered. You’ll be able to influence what is created. 

Can’t see your question answered? Hit reply on this email and let me know if there is anything else I can help you with. 

Your presence would be so welcomed into the village and I want you to make this decision from an informed and educated perspective so no question is too small.

Can't I just get all this information via Google/your website?


If I join now, what happens when the price goes up? 


I am a step-parent/foster parent/ adopted parent/caregiver/ Grandparent - is the information in the membership suitable for me?


I sleep trained my baby/practiced traditional discipline - I am trying to do things differently now, would I still be welcome?


I am pregnant and my baby isn't due for a few months, can I still join?


I'm not ready to join just yet, can I jump in in a few weeks time?


What's the difference between Gather and the free Raised Good Facebook group?


My child is five years old - is this for us?


What if I join and it's not for me, am I locked in?


How is the information delivered?



GET IN TOUCH AT hello@raisedgood.com 

Gather is the natural parent’s go-to space for community, conversation, connection, education, and encouragement.  And there’s plenty of room for you.


Embrace your child’s biological need for attachment
Learn how to guide their behaviour gently and consciously
Overcome feelings of doubt, fear, and worry
Find even deeper enjoyment of the season of parenthood you’re in
Discover profound courage in holding an unpopular opinion
Feel confident in your understanding of important topics such as healthy brain development, sleep, and breastfeeding
Make choices based on a combination of science and intuition, not cultural norms
Find your tribe and lean in wholeheartedly

Embrace your child’s biological need for attachment

Learn how to guide their behavior gently and consciously

Overcome feelings of doubt, fear, and worry

Find even deeper enjoyment of the season of parenthood you’re in

Discover profound courage in holding an unpopular opinion

Feel confident in your understanding of important topics such as healthy brain development, sleep, and breastfeeding

Make choices based on a combination of science and intuition, not cultural norms

Find your tribe and lean in wholeheartedly

Find your people. Find your village.

With YOUR membership, you’ll gain access to:

The Confident Parent Course: Find the courage and grit to follow what feels right for your family, no matter your choices. 

The Connected Brain Course: Ground your natural choices in sound science by understanding how children's brains develop. 

Gather Foundations Series: Monthly mini courses delivered as a private podcast,
each lesson under 10 minutes. 

Exclusive Guest Expert Workshops from experts in the fields of developmental psychology, child development, neuroscience, natural health and more.  

Monthly Q&A with Tracy: a chance to submit your questions each month for
Tracy to answer.  
30+ Masterclasses from the RG Online Summits (and growing)

Community support and accountability from fellow members

Bonus cheat sheets and guides

Exclusive member discounts on other Raised Good offerings

Cancel any time, no obligation

You've got options my friend!


Pay Monthly

Pay Annually

Pay Quarterly


$25 / MONTH

 $197 / YEAR


most flexible