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I'm Tracy 

I'm the founder, writer and advocate behind the award-winning blog, Raised Good - a guide to natural parenting in the modern world.

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The Lost Art of Natural Parenting

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Tune In to the Whisper of Your Intuition and Find the Courage to Parent Fearlessly

The Questions That Aren't Being Asked

We’ve become conditioned to worry so engrossed with about what everyone else is saying and doing that we rarely stop to ask ourselves if these common approaches to parenting are actually working for our families.

Here you won’t find black-and-white answers to the above questions, but you will uncover a profound revelation:

When we dare to silence the white noise of society, you will then hear a different sound.

Subconsciously, we’ve become so socially conditioned to what’s “normal” that we’ve stopped questioning anything. We don’t stop to think….

Is sleeping in a crib normal? 
Does my 3-year-old still need to be wearing a diaper? 
Do I have to take the stroller everywhere? 
Will I have a “problem child” if I don’t enforce time-out?

The voice of your own intuition; strengthening over time like a muscle, until it becomes a bold, spirited roar.

Natural parenting is unconventional but it is logical and backed by science.

Written with candor and vulnerability, The Lost Art of Natural Parenting will:

Make your parenting journey easier and more fulfilling as you go with rather than against the grain of childhood

Empower and embolden you to pioneer your own unique parenting path (whether you’re new to this or not)

Provide you with a deep understanding of what is meant by the term “natural parenting”

Teach you how to follow your instincts and become a conscious, more mindful parent

Present the facts, biology and scientific support as to why this approach works

Explain how your parenting choices impact your child’s brain development and their long-term happiness


Forge your own path with The Lost Art of Natural Parenting

This 120-page eBook delivers evidence-based wisdom, practical knowledge, useful tools, and tips based on experience to help you raise your kids with empathy and authenticity.

Overheard: From the Experts

“Setting the stage for a lifetime of unyielding connection with our children.”

The Lost Art of Natural Parenting shares a beautiful message – that parenting can be an enlightening experience, challenging us to become the best version of ourselves as our children teach us how to become the parents they need us to be. It is a fascinating read and as a parent, one can’t help but feel empowered in the knowledge that by taking an intentional and conscious approach to parenting, no matter how different that may look to the mainstream, we are setting the stage for a lifetime of unyielding connection with our children. I can’t recommend this book highly enough for parents who feel that there must be a better way.

– Dr. Shefali Tsabary | NYT Bestselling Author and Clinical Psychologist

“Evidence-based arguments [that] challenge the conventional parenting paradigm”

The Lost Art Of Natural Parenting is an inspiring resource for parents of young children, using the lens of brain development to suggest wiser decisions about everything from sleep and breastfeeding to discipline and play. Tracy Gillett’s evidence-based arguments challenge the conventional parenting paradigm, citing recent research and empowering parents to follow their instincts.

– Dr. Laura Markham | Founder of AhaParenting.com and author of
Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids: How To Stop Yelling and Start Connecting

After reading The Lost Art of Natural Parenting, you’ll be able to:


Make choices based on compiled research & hard facts


Overcome your anxiety and worry over the judgements of others


Come to know why you make the decisions that you do


Experience a deeper connection with your child


I'm Tracy

A fellow mum and the founder, writer, and advocate behind the award-winning blog, Raised Good—a guide to natural parenting in the modern world.

Based in Vancouver and originally launched in 2016, I’ve been overwhelmed by the positive response and the global community that’s developed.

Our common thread is that our instincts are telling us something about the way our culture tells us to raise children isn’t working. And while I may not have all the answers, I’m willing to ask the tough questions and advocate for kids and for you, their brave and amazing mum.

Together we’re reclaiming the wonder of motherhood and the joy of childhood one decision at a time.

Hi there!

Let’s stop striving to be good mums by other people’s standards and start becoming the mothers our children need.

Our society tends to paint parenthood as something to “get through”; prioritizing adult’s wants over children’s needs.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

It’s possible to parent through connection rather than coercion; through love rather than fear. Now’s the time to rouse your natural parenting instincts and be the parent you want to be, not the one society expects you to be.

Because when we meet children’s needs they thrive and parenting becomes easier, smoother and infinitely more enjoyable.

Get your copy and delve on in

For less than the cost of another toy, you can begin to shift how you approach parenting and reclaim the wonder of motherhood.


Instead of raising children who turn out okay despite their childhood, let’s raise children who turn out extraordinary because of their childhood.”


- L.R.Knost