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Mentoring with the Raised Good Team

Need some support on your natural parenting journey or a space to chat 1:1 about all things sleep or motherhood?

Becoming a parent is one of the biggest transitions in your life.

Maybe you’re a new mum feeling lost and confused. 

Maybe infant sleep is all that is consuming your days and you long to know whether your baby’s sleep is “normal”.

Maybe sleep is currently a challenge and you’d like some aligned solutions to help you and your whole family find more rest.

Maybe you’re in the toddler years and feeling overwhelmed by your child’s big feelings and unsure how to best handle them. 

Maybe you have questions about your child’s healthcare choices or maybe you’re trying to figure out whether to go down the homeschooling path.

Whatever you’re currently feeling or going through

Stepping across that threshold for the first, second……or fourth time can bring up many questions and feelings.


In these one-on-one mentoring sessions for natural parents, you’ll be guided by experts in their fields and those who have walked the path before you.

Our mentors and guides have spent their professional and personal lives dedicated to natural approaches to parenthood. 

You can guarantee that you’ll never be told to let your baby cry it out or to put them in a time-out. 

You’ll be supported through attachment-focused, evidence-based science and information that has you and your baby at its heart.


Tracy Gillet

Founder of Raised Good

Greer Kirshenbaum PhD

Neuroscientist, Doula, and Infant and Family Sleep Specialist

Tracy Gillett

Founder of Raised Good

Book a once-off hourly conversation with Tracy if you need a supportive pep talk or to gain some clarity and confidence in any aspect of your natural parenting journey or parent focused business advice. 

Think of this as a non-judgmental space to chat with someone who wholeheartedly understands and another mama who gets it!

You will leave your session feeling seen, heard, and validated. 

What can we talk about?

  • The transition to motherhood and the rollercoaster of emotions you weren’t expecting (theirs and yours!) 

  • How to make decisions around your child’s education 

  • Making healthcare choices for your family

  • How to manage discipline consciously, your toddler’s meltdowns, or your child’s sensitivity

  • All things natural and conscious parenting

  • Advice around creating an online business, entrepreneurship, social media, and branding (yup I know not really parenthood but I get asked for this a lot and I’m always happy to share my journey!)

More about Tracy

Founder of Raised Good, writer, and natural parenting advocate Tracy has spent the last 10 years as a parent diving deep into the science and evidence-based research behind conscious and natural parenting. She is passionate about supporting parents on their journey to tune into their intuition and parent in the way their heart tells them to parent.


With your purchase you will receive: 

  • A one-hour chat with Tracy via Zoom or WhatsApp (a video call or old-fashioned phone call, whichever you prefer!)

  • Initial sessions are $197 and subsequent appointments are $167

A once-off hourly conversation with Tracy may just be the supportive pep talk you need to help you gain some clarity and confidence. You will feel seen, heard and validated. This is a non-judgmental space to chat with a mama who gets it!

Greer Kirshenbaum PhD

Neuroscientist, Doula, and Infant and Family Sleep Specialist

If you are struggling with sleep issues and would like some developmentally appropriate support to guide you toward your sleep goals then a Nurtured Sleep Session with Greer is the right one for you.

These sessions can help you with any of the following: 

  • frequent night wakings 
  • early waking
  • split nights 
  • nap struggles 
  • bedtime struggles 
  • daytime sleepiness
  • changing sleep locations 
  • starting daycare
  • changing the way you soothe your baby to sleep 
  • night weaning
  • nurturing sleep after sleep training.

In these Nurtured Sleep Sessions you’ll receive a 45-minute Zoom consultation (via video or audio) followed by a customised plan (delivered on Friday’s) that is unique to you, your infant, and your family to help you with strategies to optimise your baby’s and your sleep.

More about Greer

Greer is a Neuroscientist, Doula, and Infant and Family Sleep Specialist. She is leading The Nurture Revolution, to change the way our society cares for infants and parents. Greer wants families and perinatal practitioners to understand how early caregiving experience can boost mental wellness and diminish depression, anxiety, and addiction in adulthood by shaping babies’ brains through simple intuitive enriching experiences in pregnancy, birth, and infancy. 

In her work with families, Greer supports parents with science-based information that will enhance every single day of their child's life.

Book a Nurtured Sleep Session with Greer Now

With your purchase you will receive: 

  • A 45 minute chat with Greer via Zoom (a video call or old-fashioned phone call, whichever you prefer!)

  • Initial sessions are $185 and follow-up appointments are $13

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