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On our second night home from the hospital, my baby started crying and he wouldn’t stop. I held him. I rocked him. I paced the house. I breastfeed. I sang. I called the nurses helpline at 2am. Nothing worked.  

The next day I spoke to my doula and she asked, “Have you tried your Moby wrap yet?”  

“No, it’s still inside the packaging” I replied.  

“Go and get it out now and start wearing your baby,” she said.  

Half an hour later, I was hooked on babywearing…for years. Because, between bedsharing, babywearing and breastfeeding, after than night, I could count the number of times my baby cried on one hand. Babywearing doesn’t need to be all or nothing so if you can do it, give it a go. It may surprise you how mobile and independent you feel as well as how much happier your baby is. So, here are my babywearing faves and a few from the Raised Good community  

Moby Baby Wrap

Boba Baby Wrap

Solly Baby Wraps

Moby was my wrap first love when it came to babywearing and I used it every day throughout babyhood. It comes in the Classic which is 100% cotton, and the Evolution which contains viscose giving it more stretch. I used the Classic and it always stayed in place, so it was perfect for long babywearing sessions when you’re out and about. From birth to 35lbs.  

I wish I’d also tried a Boba Wrap for nursing – most babywearing mamas have multiple wraps for different purposes. The Boba has more stretch than the Moby so you may be more likely to need to rewrap after a period of time, but the big benefit is that it is one of the best wraps for breastfeeding while babywearing – such a bonus. Plus, the Boba comes in an amazing variety of prints and colours. From birth to 35lbs.  

Solly Baby Wraps are absolutely beautiful. The Solly is made from a thinner piece of soft, super-breathable modal fabric. The big difference with the Solly is that it’s shorter - so zero bulk and it easily folds into a pouch attached to one end of the wrap. For summer and warmer climates it’s great for mama and baby to stay cooler. Being a smaller wrap it accommodates a lower weight range: birth to 25lbs.

Breastfeeding      friendly

Cozy + warm


Favourite Stretchy Wraps

They say pregnancy has a 4th trimester: it just so happens that babies are on the outside.

Stretchy wraps can help mimic the environment babies were used to on the inside, providing countless benefits to babies and parents. From increased bonding to preventing flat heads, to improving sleep and regulating heart rate and body temperature. So, here are our faves to get you started – you’re gonna love it Mama!

Beco Soleil

Positions: front (facing in) and back carry 
Weight range: 7-45lbs 

The Beco Soleil was my first structured carrier and I absolutely loved it. My son was too big for infant inserts, but this carrier was perfect without it. He started in the frog leg position with legs in (and safety clips on) until he grew a little bigger to be safe for legs out. Great for long walks and hikes. The Soleil also has the feature of being able the cross the back straps when in front carry which really helped my back. Personally, I couldn’t love this carrier more.  

Tula Toddler 

Boba Air

Tula was a gamechanger for us! My toddler was feeling too heavy for babywearing and then we tried the Tula. It was amazing. He suddenly felt lighter. The Tula supports safe development for a toddler’s body through the ergonomic M seat position. And for parents, it provides optimal neck & shoulder comfort and offers quick and easy adjustments for multiple wearers.

If you live in a warm climate or need a soft structured carrier to take on a warm vacation, the Boba Air could be amazing for you. It is simple, breathable, lightly padded and fits easily in a backpack or purse, weighing only 0.9 pounds. Perfect for airport travel or a day at the beach (no salt stains or wet marks).  

Supportive +       ergonomic

Soft Structured Carriers

After trying to maneuver a stroller around a few times, I quickly realised the world wasn’t designed with strollers in mind.

So, we sold our stroller when our son was 6 weeks old and became full time babywearers. The benefits were immeasurable. I felt so independent and free, yet connected and secure. And for my son – at head height we was involved in conversations, his eye contact as a baby was phenomenal, he smiled and laughed with people. And soft structured carriers were how we did it. Here are our faves. 

Perfect first carrier

Light + beachy

Positions: front (facing in) and back carry  
Weight range: 25-60lbs 

Positions: front (facing in) and back carry  
Weight range: 15-45lbs  

Deuter packs are known for their carrying comfort and the Kid Comfort Pro, which has been updated in 2019 takes comfort (for parent and child) to the next level, with the following features:

A sturdy metal frame that easily handles a growing child 

Ultra-padded hipbelt and new mesh backpanel for comfort, ventilation, and support  

Five-point harness is very secure and easy to adjust to get the child into a comfortable position 

Combines high levels of comfort and safety, premium build quality, and organization.  

Tall back, supportive sides, and extremely plush, washable front pad make for great mid-hike naps 

Side entry option is useful for toddlers that want to load and unload on their own. 

Integrated sunshade deploys quickly and easily 

Weight: 8 lbs. 4 oz. 

It’s a little pricey so it is a great match for families who get outside a lot 

Deuter Kid Comfort Pro

Osprey Poco AG Plus

Carriers for

hiking and backpacking

Being completely transparent here - backpacking carriers never worked for me.

We had one and my husband and son absolutely loved it, but it always seemed to dig into my hips and I just couldn’t get comfortable. So, when we were hiking, I’d wear my son in our Beco or Tula and my husband would use the backpacking carrier. Having said that I have many outdoor mama friends who loved backpacking carriers and these two were their faves. My advice – find what works for you and hit the trails with your baby or kiddo as soon as you can!  

From day hiking to backpacking, Osprey makes some of our favorite packs. Their popular Poco AG line of child carriers has two levels, and for the cost the top-end is best, and a little less expensive than the Deuter, with the following features:  

The pack utilizes Osprey’s Anti-Gravity (AG) suspension system 

Flexible mesh backpanel are great support while keeping your back cool 

A very large storage capacity at 26 liters (compared to 22 liters for the Deuter)  

It’s very easy to adjust the fit when swapping out 

Comes with a removable daypack 

Built-in sunshade  

May be a little less comfortable in general compared to the Deuter as the child sits a little further away from the carrier’s back   

Weight: 7 lbs. 11 oz.

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