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Big Life Journal

Did you grow up believing that your intelligence, creativity or physical abilities were fixed and there was nothing you could do about it? That you were simply born with certain abilities and without others?  

These types of limiting beliefs are a symptom of a fixed mindset, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Because the truth is nothing about your or your child’s abilities are fixed. That’s where a growth mindset comes in.  


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Enter Big Life Journal, the Big Life Kids Podcast and Growth Mindset tools for kids of all ages.  

Kids with a growth mindset believe in the power of effort; that they can learn more or become smarter through hard work and determination.  

Kids with a growth mindset learn more, learn faster and see mistakes as learning opportunities.  

Kids with a growth mindset are more resilient, more creative and better problem solvers.  

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Isn’t that what we all want for our kids? For them to be able to reach for the stars, to believe anything is possible. For them to be able to pick themselves up when they stumble and rather than giving up, keep going and try harder. For them to be able to risk failure in order to achieve success as they define it. Because the truth is nobody achieves greatness without failing many, many times along the way.  

Big Life Podcast 

My son and I have been binge listening to the Big Life Podcast lately. Every time we hop in the car he asks for another Big Life Kids podcast and is so excited when a new episode is released. The podcast is centred around giving kids real life examples of how others have overcome challenges, how failure leads to success and how never giving up makes dreams a reality. The podcast is also engaging, fun and perfect for kids. Check it out below and you can also sign up to receive free printables that go with each new episode.  

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Big Life Journal 

One of my favourite resources to help foster a growth mindset in kids and teens is The Big Life Journal. This thoughtful journal incorporates reading, expressive writing, and critical thinking while teaching social and emotional learning and growth mindset skills. There is a Big Life Journal for kids (7-10 years of age) and another for teens (11+ year olds). I got so excited about the Big Life Journal that ordered a journal a year ago and my son is still too young to fill it in but we read and love the stories and we’re both so excited to start journaling as he learns to write…which I am sure the Big Life Journal will inspire!  

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for teens