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Did you know that a newborn’s range of vision is 8-15 inches? Which just so happens to be the distance between a mother and her baby’s face while breastfeeding. It’s thought this distance most likely evolved because of breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is natural, but it doesn’t always come naturally. Becoming informed and creating a support network before your breastfeeding journey will make all the difference...I promise! My recommendations below are the books and products that helped me on my breastfeeding journey and a few extra favourites from the Raised Good Community.  

LilyPadz Silicone Breast pads  

Brest Friend Feeding Pillow  

Haaka Breast Pump   

Silverette The Original Silver Nursing Cups 

Jack Newman’s All Purpose Nipple Cream  

Lansinoh Nipple Cream  

S’well Water Bottle  

I love these! I felt kind of space age in the beginning but these little pads worked wonders and saved me from having to use disposable pads. They stop milk leaking rather than just catching it. 

I loved the wrap around design of this pillow. It saved my back and came everywhere with me, including a couple of long haul flights to New Zealand – little 9 month old baby slept on this pillow for 9 hours on one flight.  

The Haaka Breast Pump has been raved about in our Raised Good community. It is unique because it allows mums to collect milk that comes from a let-down by attaching the pump to the opposite breast while breastfeeding to catch any milk that would otherwise be lost in a nursing pad.

Another Raised Good community favourite, the Silverette nursing cups are crafted out of pure silver that are designed to fit over and help to protect nipples while breastfeeding. A natural, safe and effective solution to cracked nipples without the need for nipple creams. Super easy to use! 

Jack Newman’s All Purpose Nipple Cream has attained legendary status among breastfeeding mothers and with good reason - it works. My midwife gave me a prescription for it on day one and it worked wonders for me. Ask your doctor or midwife for a prescription and here’s a link to the ingredients.

A rich, thick cream to soothe and protect sore nipples especially when you just start breastfeeding and your breasts are adjusting. No need to remove before breastfeeding. I made sure to always have Lansinoh on hand.  

You need to stay hydrated while breastfeeding and one of the best things to do is to set up the space where you usually nurse the most with a full water bottle plus some healthy ready-to-go snacks like Lara Bars or Pinky McKay’s Boobie Bikkies.  

Knix Bras

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I converted to Knix bras a couple of years ago when I decided I wanted to stay wire free. Knix is an innovative, female driven company with an entrepreneurial heart, so I was beyond excited when they launched a maternity range that I can share with you. 

Oatbox Breakfasts

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It can be hard in the early days of motherhood to find time to do much of anything other than look after your baby. So, automating as much as possibly is a great idea if you can do it. I recently started using Oatbox and am loving how healthy and easy their breakfasts are to make.