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Generation Mindful

Big emotions can easily overwhelm our kids. Meltdowns in toddlerhood are perhaps the most obvious example but it doesn’t end there. 

Our children’s brains don’t fully develop until they are in the mid-20’s. Kids, especially little kids, simply don’t have the ability to regulate their own emotions. So, they rely on us to help co-regulate their emotions for them.


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Introducing Generation Mindful: your partner in nurturing emotional intelligence.

Generation Mindful was founded by Suzanne Tucker, whose mission is to teach parents how to raise emotionally healthy kids…playfully. Gen M creates tools to give parents practical ways to avoid traditional discipline and bring more mindfulness and joy into the parent child relationship. 

I love Gen M’s quality products and so do parents within the Raised Good community. 

It’s a huge opportunity for us as parents to teach healthy habits and to break generational dysfunction. But it is also a huge responsibility and sometimes we need a little help. We need practical tools to help guide us so that we can guide our children. 

Time In Toolkit

What if "Stop crying" turned into "I'm listening" for an entire generation? This is the question that inspired the creation of the The Time-In ToolKit, a step-by-step guide for nurturing social and emotional skills in children through mindfulness, child-led play, and positive discipline. The Time-In ToolKit gives you everything you need to create a calming space for children ages 3 to 9+.   

I was lucky enough to receive a prototype of the Time-In Toolkit from Suzanne when it was in production and have seen the love and dedication that has gone into its creation firsthand. If you are seeking guidance on alternative to Time Outs this is it.  


Peacemakers Cards

PeaceMakers are a deck of 45 cards designed to help children and adults connect in daily, playful ways around the things that matter most: our ideas and our feelings. Each card delivers a unique, affirming message designed to nurture emotional intelligence including self-love, social skills, a growth mindset, confidence, and more. These messages are brought to life by centering conversations, activities, and stories around the themes. 

PeaceMakers are for toddlers to teens and come with more than seven ways to play centred around seven themes and animal characters: Bear (Power), Fox (Joy), Lion (Balance), Hummingbird (Love), Dolphin (Peace), Owl (Intuition), and Elephant (Forgiveness). My son and I love playing, exploring emotions together with curiosity and open-mindedness.   

Feelings Bingo


Feelings Bingo is an interactive game for children that uses play to teach empathy and nurture emotional intelligence, EQ. This interactive game (22-page printable download) helps children 3 years of age and older to constructively express emotions by recognizing and labelling six feelings including Happy, Sad, Angry, Scared, Calm, and Kind.  

Snuggle Buddies


A 13” plush toy collection with the purpose of helping children to name and regulate their feelings. The four color-coded mood emojis inside every SnuggleBuddies encourage children to share their emotions regularly, helping kids on both an emotional and a sensory level, featuring expertly embroidered details, vibrant colors, and super-soft fabric.

Heart’s Treasure Hunt Book


"What is love, and where does love live?!" In this get-up-and-move story, Heart wants to know, and the answer we discover at the end of the book just might surprise you! With your help and a colorful cast of animal friends, Heart goes on a treasure hunt, searching for love. Heart visits all seven of his PeaceMakers animal friends along the way...and in the end, we discover where love truly lives.