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Simple childhoods and swings just kinda go together, right? We think so and thankfully Lillagunga agrees. Like most great innovative products, Lillagunga was born out of frustration. When Anton – the founder of Lillagunga - had a hard time finding a stylish quality swing for his two sons, he decided to make one himself.  


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an incredibly stylish, minimalist, Scandinavian deigned and made range of swings, rings and playthings.  

Lillagunga is the Swedish word for ‘little swing’. Lillagunga aspire to “reinvent classic wooden products by adding to them a touch of modern simplicity and superior quality, influenced by Scandinavian design traditions.”  

Without further ado here is the Lillagunga range… 

The result...

Lillagunga Swing

Lillagunga Rings

Lillagunga Bone

For most children (and adults) flying through the air on a swing is the best fun there is. Swinging can help kids develop their motor skills, strength and balance. Lillagunga Classic is a durable and stylish swing for both indoor and outdoor use. The seat is height adjustable and comes preassembled, ready to use. 

Lillagunga gymnastic rings are designed for kids from three years of age through to adults. Each ring is assembled from three carefully crafted wooden elements, securely glued together and designed to perfectly suit the shape of your hand. With its unique drop-shaped design Lillagunga Rings are not only beautiful to look at but help kids to gain strength and develop balance and coordination. 

Lillagunga Bone is the newest member of the Lillagunga family and after seeing Cirque du Soleil recently we are keen to get our hands on one! It’s a stylish version of the classic wooden trapeze. Like all Lillagunga products it is durable, easily adjustable and unmatched in style.


Baby & Toddler Swing

The Lillagunga Reindeer is a minimalistic and elegant take on the classic rocking horse. Best for children ages 2 and over. Made with solid oak and finished in oil. Such a sweet design.  

The Baby + Toddler swing helps you bring the playground inside. It is designed for kids between three months and three years of age.  

Use code GOOD10 for 10% off your Lillagunga purchase