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Our potty training journey was a little different than most because we practiced elimination communication (EC). What does that mean? It means we started tuning into our baby’s need to pee or poop from birth and rather than relying on diapers, they became a safety net as we used the potty from nine weeks of age. It doesn’t have to be an all or nothing commitment - you can EC just when you’re at home, just on weekends, just for pees or just for poops.  

G diapers cloth diapers

Seventh Generation Disposable Diapers

Bamboo washable baby wipes 

Water Wipes

Keekaroo peanut changer

Organic baby and toddler leg warmers 

Tiny undies

Zoocchini Organic Cotton Potty Training Underwear (Toddlers)

We used G Diapers from birth and loved them. Option for a cloth insert or an eco “disposable” which goes straight in the compost! Or break it down and flush. They come in super cute designs, too! 

My favourite disposable diapers are Seventh Generation - they are free from many of the nasty chemicals used in disposable diapers. As a result, they are little less absorbent helping babies maintain a connection with their elimination needs, which is perfect if you want to try EC.  

When my son was a baby, he had eczema and I fell in love with bamboo products as a result. It is super soft, hypoallergenic, antibacterial and antifungal. These wipes are so lovely and free of chemicals and dyes. 

The world’s purest wipes - there is nothing in these wipes but 99.9% water and a drop of fruit extract so they are gentle on your baby’s skin.

This is the best change pad ever! Soft but impermeable to fluids. You can put it straight under a tap to clean with water. Super cute colours – we had the aqua color one.

Leg warmers are adorable and perfect for practicing potty training. Use a combination of a G Diaper and leg warmers and you’re ready to go.

Tiny undies for tiny bottoms starting from 6 months plus to support you and your little on your EC journey.

We bought a trio of these soft, organic and super fun undies for our son and they lasted us for a couple of years. Can’t recommend enough.

Baby Björn smart potty

Heeta Whale Toddler Potty

The Diaper-Free Baby, Christine Gross-Loh

Go Diaper Free, Andrea Olson

This potty is perfect for little ones. My son started using it at nine weeks and he was still using it at two and a half years of age. The inner potty lifts out, which makes it easy to clean.

A fun and comfortable design for kids. Lovely whale shaped potty suitable for 6 months to 2 years of age. Also with a removable inner making cleaning easy.

This is such a great resource for EC, explaining how to try it full-time, part-time and occasionally. Full of practical advice for common challenges, inspiring stories.

This book is brilliant for all the practical advice you need on how to start EC. Suitable for parents with babies 0-18 months old. Images and diagrams bring EC to life and make it seem easy. Love it!

The Tiny Potty Training Book, Andrea Olson

The Gentle Potty Training Book, Sarah Ockwell-Smith

This book can be used whether you’ve used EC or not. Especially good for those who want a quick, effective, sensible solution to potty training but who don’t want to use rewards and sticker charts.

Everyting Sarah writes is thoughtful, well-researched and trusstworthy. If you’re ready  to potty train your toddler this is a great place to start.

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