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I spoke to a new friend recently and she said that birth may be the gateway to the fourth wave of feminism. I had never thought of birth like that before. But she’s right, because birth is the world’s best kept secret to unlocking the power and wisdom of women. Yet when the dominant cultural representation of birth is that it is too hard or too painful or too uncivilised, we quickly hand over control to the medical profession. So, whether you plan to have a home birth, a natural birth or a belly birth, it needs to be your birth. This is your story to write. Here are some of the books, courses, products and podcasts I recommend to help you through your pregnancy and to become informed and empowered to create your own birth story.  

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She Births

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She Births is an amazingly, comprehensive and holistic birth education program. It can be taken online or if you’re local to Sydney, Australia, as a weekend course too. She Birth’s mission is to help to restore the sanctity of birth, to empower women in their choices and to celebrate parenthood.