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Sprout are a US-based, family run business committed to being an environmentally responsible designer and manufacturer of clean, modern furniture. Sprout believe that poorly designed furniture has a greater impact on the environment as we use more of it, so their focus is on quality over quantity. 


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Kids need space to create, but sometimes space is limited, and the living room often doubles as the art room, play space and laboratory. Having a mess-friendly workstation for kids invites them to experiment, and fosters the creative process. Sprout strive make it as easy as possible for parents to provide their kids with this kind of space.  

Their furniture design gives kids exciting places to play, and parents simple ways to store and organize the tools of creativity. Sprout use easy to clean materials, while building safe and sturdy kid’s furniture that will last your family through childhood. 

Montessori Floor Bed 

Toddler Tower Kitchen Helper  

Weaning Table  

Low beds are a great way to encourage autonomy and freedom in the early developmental stages of your child’s life. They help children learn about physical boundaries and develop spatial awareness while keeping the mattress off the ground to prevent mildew. With Sprout's Montessori Floor Bed, children are free to interact with their surroundings at their pace, making the home the first learning environment. 

Learning towers are incredible and I can’t recommend them enough. We got ours when our son was 18 months old, we’re still using it not that he is six and it has been the most used item in our home. He uses it to get up to the bench and help with making dinner, baking, juicing or washing dishaes. What I love about Sprout’s tower is that it is sturdy but has a small footprint and is super easy to assemble.   

If the idea of a weaning table is completely new to you (which it was for me when my son was a baby), check out Sprout’s adjustable weaning table and chair set. Weaning tables are a wonderful way to support your child’s development as they start eating solid food, have more mobility and seek more independence. We loved our weaning table and I’m sure you will too. 

Kids Table and Chairs 

Chowki Floor Table

Wovewood Storage Boxes  

When our son grew out of his weaning table we needed a replacement. We love the simplicity of the Sprout table and chairs. We also didn’t have a lot of space so the small table works well for us. Easy to set up and take down.

Do your kids love to draw while sitting on the floor too? My son does. And so, we introduced a Chowki Floor table and he loves using it.

Love this stylish and minimalistic storage boxes. We keep two under our shelves in the living room to keep toys and LEGO that our son is actively playing with so that the rug can stay clear at night and I don’t find myself stepping on LEGO in the dark!

Use code RaisedGood for 10% off your purchase with Sprout.