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At one of our prenatal visits, our dry-humoured English midwife said, “He’ll sleep with you”.

“What do you mean?” I replied, “He’ll sleep in his expensive organic non-toxic crib I just bought”.

“No”, she said “he’ll sleep with you – I can tell”.

I walked out thinking our midwife was a little odd. But, she’d aroused my curiosity. A few weeks later we were on our Hawaiian Babymoon (those were the days!). I read The Other Baby Book and it blew my mind. The authors suggested babies could use the potty instead of diapers. That babies were safest sleeping with their parents. And I didn’t need a stroller – I’d form a stronger bond with my baby by carrying him.

While unconventional the concepts felt natural. Logical. Authentic. For me, they promised a new, exciting and organic dimension to parenthood. So when our son was born we embraced natural parenting. He slept with us from night one. Used the potty from nine weeks. And we sold our unused stroller on Craigslist.


Attachment parenting has shifted our perspective. And enriched our connection with our son beyond our expectations. I believe it will have a tremendously positive effect on his long-term emotional health, attitudes towards relationships and above all, happiness.

Western society expects a parenting approach centered on adult’s wants rather than children’s needs. But when we meet children’s needs they thrive. It’s where the magic happens. Pure unadulterated magic. Babies cry less. Toddlers have fewer tantrums. Why? Because they feel safe, secure and unconditionally loved. They’re free to be the best versions of themselves. And it makes parents glow.

When we consciously consider how we were meant to parent, look beyond the baby store selling mother replacements and soften our hearts, magical things can happen.

And now as a parent, I see children and babies need a voice. And so do their parents who are pushing the boundaries of western conformity. And struggling to find acceptance as they bravely parent THEIR way. Which is why I created Raised Good: to support parents in their natural parenting journey and to offer sound, well thought out, scientifically backed advice. A place to offer support and community, free from judgment.

Raised Good

Raised Good
Raised Good

I’m Tracy Gillett, a nature-loving, adventure-seeking natural mum. Global nomads, my husband and I have lived in four countries over the last decade. Originally from Australia and New Zealand we now call supernatural British Columbia our home. It’s the perfect base to indulge in our passion for the outdoors.

Two years ago we welcomed our beautiful son into the world. Our craving to get into nature and share the world with our little man grows daily as we forge our way forward on a path of natural parenting. We carefully consider our parenting choices while remaining true to ourselves. And in doing so we’ve opened the doors to the greatest adventure we’ve ever experienced.


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“One generation full of deeply loving parents would change the brain of the next generation, and with that, the world.” – Charles Raison