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I'm Tracy 

I'm the founder, writer and advocate behind the award-winning blog, Raised Good - a guide to natural parenting in the modern world.

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Discover the Lost Art of Natural Parenting

Six quick-fire guides that will transform your relationship with your child, help them thrive into the best version of themselves and make your job as a parent so much easier (and more fulfilling). Packed with actionable ideas and examples to flip the narrative on traditional discipline including punishment, power over and coercive parenting techniques. 


The Conscious
Discipline Guides

No more time outs, no more yelling, no more threats.

It’s possible to gain your child’s cooperation while maintaining your connection. Let me show you how. 

Flip the narrative on traditional punishment while deepening your connection with your child through modelling, leading by example and most importantly showing them that they’re loved for who they are and not what they do.

And some of the outcomes of this approach?

  • Instilling your child with a growth mindset, rather than a fixed mindset
  • Encouraging and teaching problem-solving skills
  • Promoting the development of a secure attachment 
  • Fostering natural independence, boosting your child’s confidence and nurturing their self-worth
  • Maintaining your natural influence as a parent, which is so much more powerful than coercion

These guides are exactly what I need!


“The level of cooperation parents get from children is usually equal to the level of connection children feel with their parents.”

Everything begins with connection, first to ourselves and then to our children.


You're drowning in the “shoulds” and “have to’s” of our adult-centred society. . The status quo of the parenting world is that punishment, time outs, threats, rewards, praise and forced manners are the fast track way to gain your child's cooperation. But somewhere in the back of your mind you’re asking yourself, at what cost?

Do you remember being forced to hug and kiss Grandma because your parents told you that's what kind children do?

Did you grow up being asked for the “magic word” but always wondered what the magic word even was?

Were you sent to your room more times than you can remember for the seemingly smallest of things?

Do you find yourself feeling rigid and hesitant to try new things for fear of failing or not being good enough?

Are you giving and giving to your child to the point of resentment? Do you feel like you’ve lost yourself in parenthood and are desperate to fulfil your needs again but don’t know where to begin?

You want to do things differently but in the heat of the moment it can be hard to know what to say and do.

You don’t want to yell, threaten or withdraw your love in these moments but sometimes you don’t know any other way. 

Did your parents withdraw their love and isolate you when you didn’t align with their way of being? Do you find yourself desperate to avoid such measures with your own child?

You know you don’t want any of this for your children. 

You’re committed to breaking generational cycles.

You remember how it felt and know there must be a more connected way that honours the relationship you have worked so hard to build with your child. 

But sometimes you forget it all and revert to what you subconsciously know. 

And that is why the Conscious Discipline Guides were created for you. To offer you a shortcut to doing things differently. 

These guides are exactly what I need!


You have taught me to trust myself when it comes to my baby! That is such a valuable thing. Instead of living in fear and doubt, [I’ve learn to go with] what I instinctively knew to be right. Thank you.


Introducing the Conscious Discipline Guides

Six quick-fire guides that will transform your relationship with your child, help them thrive into the best version of themselves and make your job as a parent so much easier (and more fulfilling). Packed with actionable ideas and examples to flip the narrative on traditional discipline including punishment, power over and coercive parenting techniques. 

The support you need to remember there is a more connected path. 

Because, connection is where the magic happens. Pure unadulterated magic.
Babies cry less. Toddlers have fewer meltdowns. Children are less anxious. Resistance lowers, and your capacity to BE with your child will soar.

This is what we are all seeking as parents.


“You can’t teach children to behave better by making them feel worse. When children feel better, they behave better”

Six practical guides packed with strategies, scripts and alternatives to traditional discipline techniques.

Full of scripts and ideas to help you navigate parenting with confidence: “Instead of this say that, and instead do that”. 

Quick fire guides you can refer to in the heat of the moment to help you flip the narrative on traditional punishment.

A whole guide dedicated to caring for you, the mama, because connection with your child starts with you.

These guides are exactly what I need!

This six part bundle will give you the helping hand you need to help foster cooperation while maintaining and deepening your connection with your child.

  • Filled with useful examples and practical alternatives to mainstream parenting techniques
  • Discover how to maintain attachment while holding firm on your own boundaries
  • Be empowered to follow the road less travelled and block out society's white noise telling your separation is the only way.
  • Learn the history of traditional discipline and its lasting effects on your child’s brain.
  • Gain cooperation in a way that meets your child where they are developmentally
  • Learn how looking after yourself is paramount to gaining your child’s cooperation.

Here’s a sneak peak at what’s inside:

THE BUNDLE breakdown



Parenting without Praise

How to instil a growth mindset in your children
The difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation - and why it matters!
How the words we choose have a lasting impact on our children
The six types of praise to avoid
Nine things you can do and say instead of “that’s amazing” or “you’re the best”


Manners Through Modelling


Why forcing please and thank you doesn’t work and what to do instead
Why modelling is so much more powerful than forcing manners
What to do when your children don’t use their manners
How to leverage the secret power you have as a parent.
Strategies and scripts to use with your children and extended family
How to raise independent, happy, and respectful kids who use manners



Parenting without Punishment (and Time Outs)

The origins of traditional punishment
What the research says about time-outs 
The three main types of traditional punishment and their alternative.
Example scripts and way you can help gain your child's cooperation in those more difficult parenting moments


Holding Limits and Boundaries


How to personalize your family's boundaries 
How parenting styles affect limit setting 
How to hold limits and boundaries as a conscious parent
Examples of conscious limits 



Parenting Through Connection

The magical power of connection
The difference between connection and coercion and why connection is so much more powerful
Six ways to deepen the connection with your child.
Why you being imperfect is helps bolster connection
Four steps to making special time special!


Parenting The Parent


I’d love these guides now, for only $47

Why looking after yourself is so important to raising your child
The importance of self care and how to incorporate it in this season of motherhood
Why boundaries are important and how setting them can increase ability to show up for your child
Examples of grounding practices to reduce anxiety, frustration and overwhelm
Why seeking support is important and where to find someone to hear you, mama.
What the research tells you about self-compassion and tips and tools to practise more self compassion as a parent.


When I knew in my heart that I wanted to practice natural parenting - you have and continue to help me define that. You roused my instincts into action and brought together a tribe that’s invaluable.



I'm Tracy

Hi there!

The mainstream often steers us in other directions, and that's where Raised Good comes in—a guide to embracing parenting that feels...well, natural. We're all sensing that the traditional ways might not be the best fit, and while I don't have all the answers, I'm here to ask the tough questions alongside you and advocate for our kids—and for you, their brave and extraordinary parents. Launching a membership experience has always been a dream, and I can't wait to share, connect, and enjoy a virtual coffee chat from my island home nestled in the forest, to yours!

When I first began my journey with Raised Good, it was during those precious moments when my son, then a baby, was napping. Fast forward, and he's now a spirited 10-year-old, a constant reminder of how quickly time flies and how pivotal our roles as parents are. 

Think natural parenting is straightforward? Think again! 

Over time, the Raised Good community has grown immensely, with over a million readers resonating with the message. While I no longer write to the backdrop of his baby naps, my passion and drive remain the same. 

Gabor Mate

"External motivators for behaviour such as rewards and punishments may destroy the precious internal motivation to be good, making leverage by such artificial means necessary by default. As an investment in easy parenting, trusting in a child's desire to be good for us is one of the best."

You will start to flow in your relationship with your child.

Keep these guides close, refer to them often and witness your relationship with your child be transformed. These guides are designed as a quick fire reminder in the moments you need them most. Filled with examples and actionable ideas that will make parenting easier. Your relationship to your child will thrive and you will become allies working together as a team.

Dive into the Gentle Parenting Companion Guides and Flip the narrative on Traditional Discipline to Be the Parent You Long to Be.

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