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So, we had the expensive non-toxic crib all set up, and our midwife said, “He’ll sleep with you”. I thought she was mad, but it turns out she wasn’t. Our baby never slept in his crib - he played in it once...and then we sold it. Your baby is born expecting to sleep next to you and with more mothers breastfeeding, bedsharing and roomsharing are becoming more common, and with good reason - parents and babies get more sleep that way. So, here are some of my favourite sleep products we used on our journey and a few faves from the Raised Good community.  

The Sleep Series

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Avocado Mattress  

Merino Kids Infant Cocooi 

Snugbags Baby Standard Sleeping Bag 

Sprout Floorbed

If you’re planning to bedshare don’t waste your money on a crib mattress, and instead consider upgrading your family bed. When our son was born, we had a relatively new traditional coil mattress, but quickly changed to latex. It felt like a big investment but getting an organic mattress that isn’t loaded with fire retardants (like regular mattresses), that is naturally dust mite free and gave our family a better night’s sleep was a no brainer.

Loved our Cocooi! It’s 100% natural allergy-safe New Zealand merino wool. Naturally regulates your baby’s temperature by absorbing and releasing moisture to warm or cool your baby’s body safely in any climate.  

Kim Snel, the founder of Snugbags is an Anthropologist who is passionate about infant and toddler sleep and her sleep sacks have won just about every award there is. 

Floor beds are popular in Montessori and can be a great option for naps for younger children and for older children to transition to their own bed. Sprout is a wonderful, family run, ethical company and their kids floor bed gets rave reviews. Available in twin, crib and full size.   

Snuggle Me Organic

Silkberry Pajamas

VAVA Bedside Lamp for Nighttime Breastfeeding 

Arm's Reach Cosleeper

Snuggle Me Organic weren’t around when my son was a baby but if they were, I would have had an infant and toddler lounger for sure. These loungers are organic, sustainable and ethically made. They’re not a replacement for a crib or bassinet, nor are they for overnight use. So, how do you use them? As a comforting, supervised lounging pad, a play space, for tummy time, sitting support and traveling.  

My son has worn Silkberry Pajamas since he was a baby. I have a crisis at the moment as they only go up to size five and he is about to outgrow them! Silkberry are a Canadian eco-friendly brand that use bamboo rayon and organic cotton in their clothing. We are yet to come across softer clothing. My son is highly sensitive and he loves these pj’s! Worldwide shipping.  

A perfect little night light to use for the middle of the night feedings if you need a little light. Using an anti-blue LED light so that it won’t fully wake you or your baby. Also has a timer in case you fall back to sleep with the light on.   

If you want to have your baby within arm’s reach but not in your bed, this is a great option! Having said that...most mamas in the Raised Good community have said that they end up using their cosleeper as storage.   

Nature's Sway Hammock

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We loved this hammock...it is still living under our stairs as I can’t bear to part with it. My son loved napping in his hammock when he was a baby. The cocoon-like environment and c-curve helps minimise pressure on your baby’s developing spine and neural pathways. The hammock comes with a stand or can be taken traveling by attaching it to a door frame.

Snugbags Baby Standard Sleeping Bag 

My baby loved kicking off the covers so some nights he would sleep above the covers in a sleep sack while I slept below. With my husband being from New Zealand, we have a lot of superfine merino clothing so I was so excited to get my baby into a merino sleep sack.

Snugbags High Country Deluxe Sleeping Bag

British Vogue called this award-winning handmade sleeping bag the “crème-de-la-crème of winter sleeping bags”. If you need a warm sleeping bag or live in a cold climate this is the bag you’re looking for.

Snug’n’Go Sleeping Bags for Young Kids 

Sleeping bags with feet – I want one! This design is brilliant for toddlers and young kids who don’t like the feeling of having their feet enclosed. Available in summer and winter weight and for kids aged 6 months – 3 years and 2-5 years.


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