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5 Best Earth Friendly Mother’s Day Gifts for 2021

Mother’s Day is almost here and if the last year has taught us anything, it’s that we need to take care of mother nature much better than we have been. Without a healthy planet, we can’t be healthy. But when mother nature thrives, so do we. Win win!

So whether you’re shopping for your own mum, perhaps dropping some hints to your partner, or planning on treating yourself (which you totally deserve!), here is a shortlist of some of my favourite earth-friendly, sustainable, socially conscious products for women from mission-led businesses who are striving to make a difference and a positive impact.

*This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase Raised Good may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you- thank you so much for your support. I only share products I use and genuinely enjoy.


I thought about joining Causebox for a while, but if I’m being honest, it seemed like an indulgence. Yet, I felt drawn to their mission; to build a community of women who support women, and to help us discover products that are ethical and sustainable.

Over the winter, I decided to give it a go and I now adore these boxes of joy that arrive on my doorstep – they contain amazing value and I feel like it’s my own little Christmas morning when a colourful, bright and cheery Causebox arrives.

So, what is a Causebox subscription? Here’s what it’s like.

  • Causebox is delivered seasonally (spring, summer, autumn, winter)
  • Each CAUSEBOX includes a curation of 6-8 products that are beautiful, useful, and give back in some way. Items can include jewellery, home decor, accessories, apparel, skin-care/beauty products, wellness products, and artwork.
  • Each item in the box is sustainably sourced, socially conscious, cruelty-free and intended to serve, support, and empower disadvantaged communities. Causebox partners with different charities to help them raise funds, expand their base, and tell their stories.
  • There are two options: a customizable annual membership at $199.80 per year ($49.95 per box) or a quarterly subscription at $54.95 per box which is not customizable (this is the one I’ve done and I’ve loved every product). Each box contains $250+ worth of products.

I love supporting this company’s mission to do good in the world and feel good doing it. And for a busy mum, Causebox feels like a such a treat. Learn more about Causebox here.


After switching from underwire bras to maternity bras, I just couldn’t go back to having metal next to my body. Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners advise against underwire bras as the metal impedes the flow of energy or chi in the body’s meridians. There also concerns that the underwires may attract electromagnetic frequencies and increase your exposure to radiation.

So, I was thrilled when I discovered Knix.

Knix is a Canadian brand founded by Joanna Griffiths, when she learned about the realities women face after childbirth so she set out to create a line of beautiful, wire-free bras and comfortable, leakproof underwear.

Now, every single bra I own is made by Knix. I love the Evolution bras as well as the Wingwoman Contour bra. Their leakproof underwear and their Dream Shorts are amazing. Knix also has loungewear and they’ve just launched a beautiful new range of sleepwear.Knix have a wonderful postpartum collection with nursing bras and nursing tanks.

Learn more about Knix here. And use code Gillett10 for $10 off your first order. 


Pela is a Candian company on a mission to stop plastic at the source and they have created the world’s first compostable phone case. I am completely converted to Pela. I have two of their phone cases already and I can’t imagine buying a phone case from anybody else now. Why?

Firstly, because the phone industry has a HUGE problem; simply put, greedy companies use cheap, polluting plastics for their phone cases, which end up in our oceans and landfill. Pela cases produce 25% less carbon emmissions, use 35% less water and produce 70% less waste.

Secondly, Pela phone cases are beautiful. I’m eyeing up their new Seashell Series which you can find here.

I’m in awe of the innovation this small (but rapidly growing!) company. They’re not stopping at phone cases. Pela also make watch straps, sunglasses and airpod cases.

Pela has also just launched Lomi, an odourless composter that can turn food scraps into soil in less than 24 hours. More than 8100 people have already ordered a Lomi this week (including me!), making it the biggest environmental campaign in the history of crowdfunding!

Primally Pure

I haven’t talked a lot about this but I got a diagnosis of skin cancer in 2019 and needed MOHS surgery to remove it from my upper lip last June. Boy, did it give me a wake-up call! The tumour was malignant but localised which was great but the surgery and recovery were more full-on than I ever expected. So, I’m doing everything I can to avoid going through that again.

And because our skin is our body’s largest organ and it absorbs whatever we put on it, taking my use of my non-toxic skincare up a notch was a priority – Primally Pure became a big part of my answer. Primally Pure is a female-fueled US company that was founded by Bethany McDaniel out of her passion for real, recognizable ingredients in skincare products.

Primally Pure makes going natural simple and affordable – the cleansing oil is my favourite product and it starts at $20. On my Mother’s Day wishlist is the new soothing mask with ingredients like honey, Spirulina, Chlorella, Colloidal Oatmeal, Green Clay and Lactobacillus Ferment.

Check out this page where I share all my favourite products or check out Primally Pure here and use code GOOD10 to save 10% on your order.


Why oh why did I wait so long to try CBD oil? It has changed my life in such a positive way.

I thought about it for the longest time before finally taking the plunge a few months ago when I found a lovely, local company called Icaria. Icaria was founded by two holistic nutritionists with a focus on promoting total health. Icaria is run by women and made for women and they’re committed to education which I love – there is a private Facebook Group where you can ask questions and learn from other women.

So, why did I try CBD oil? I have endometriosis and I get knocked around once a month with debilitating cramps. In the past I’ve needed a fairly serious cocktail of medication to control the pain but I’m on a mission to free myself from the need to take any pain-relieving medication to avoid the side effects they bring.

So, I’m working on my health holistically to reduce inflammation through acupuncture, diet changes and meditation and I’m also finding that taking CBD oil has dramatically reduced my need for grabbing for painkillers. It also helps me feel calm and clear, but not drowsy.

Here are some more benefits of taking CBD:

    • brings your body back into balance or homeostasis
    • help with stress, anxiety and sleep
    • improve focus and productivity
    • reduces pain and inflammation
    • helps with hormonal imbalances, and chronic health conditions.

I started with a beginner’s size of Aphrodite – if you need advice on which option is best for you, email customer service at Icaria – they’re so responsive and helpful.

Check out Icaria here and use code TRACY10 to get $10 off your first bottle.

Hi there!

I'm Tracy

Hi there! I’m Tracy - the founder, writer and advocate behind the award-winning blog, Raised Good - a guide to natural parenting in the modern world. Based in Vancouver and originally launched in 2016, I’ve been overwhelmed by the positive response and the global community that’s developed. 

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