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I'm the founder, writer and advocate behind the award-winning blog, Raised Good - a guide to natural parenting in the modern world.

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Mama, You are the Change We Need to See in the World

Every year, I interview some of the best hearts and minds in the parenting world. I’ve now interviewed over 100 speakers and beyond their scientific research, the letters that follow their names, their TED talks, their credentials, or their books, what touches me most… is their humanity.

It’s their willingness to tap into their own imperfect parenting moments and share their wisdom so generously that speaks volumes.

Each and every speaker shows up in conversation as an advocate for you and your child. The common thread that unites these speakers is their deep calling to change the world for the better.

And the longer I’m a parent, the more I realise the change our world needs begins in the home.

Our world would be a better place if just one generation of parents chose to show up in all their vulnerable humanity.

There would be a ripple through a generation of children, children who have been advocated for, children who have felt seen, heard and loved for who it is they are, not what it is they do.

This ripple effect would change the world.

“One generation full of deeply loving parents would change the brain of the next generation, and with that, the world.”

Charles Raison

Every responsive touch, every understanding word, every gentle guidance is a ripple that will one day create waves of change.

Your love isn’t just shaping a child; it’s reshaping the world.

And that’s why I wholeheartedly believe that…

Change begins with you

Change begins with your willingness to show up for your child, with compassion and unconditional love, with softness and guidance, with leadership and unending hugs. 

Change begins with holding space for big emotions (theirs and yours), and with welcoming and catching tears as they fall.

Change begins with your ability to stand up, and walk bravely against the crowd. It begins with you shouting to society NOT THIS when you’re told to sleep train or give a time out or a consequence. 

Change begins with rousing your intuition, with trusting your instincts, modelling vulnerability, and showing your child the strength in openness and the power of authenticity

Change begins with celebrating the small victories, the seemingly insignificant milestones, understanding that they lay the foundation for monumental growth. 

Change begins with you embracing the imperfect moments, finding lessons in the challenges of parenthood and being open to seeing the beauty in its flaws. 

Change begins with you choosing connection over correction, when a misstep becomes an opportunity for a shared experience. 

Change begins with the stories you tell at bedtime, weaving tales of resilience, kindness, and hope, nurturing dreams that challenge norms and have your children reaching for the stars. 

And crucially, change begins with you recognizing and harnessing the immense power within you. A mother’s love, her daily acts of kindness and compassion, her unwavering commitment, aren’t mere ‘tasks’. These are world-shifting energies.

Raised Good is the place that advocates for you and how you choose to show up. For me, this has always been about guiding and nurturing you back to what you already know. 

It turns out parenting isn’t about how much you know

In a digital world saturated with the hows and whys of being a ‘good’ parent, it is so easy to be swayed in many directions when choosing how to raise your child. 

It’s no wonder we question ourselves as parents constantly: 

Should we be adhering to a schedule? 

Am I failing for not choosing the sleep train? 

Maybe I shouldn’t still be breastfeeding my toddler?

Does my child need more ‘discipline’? 

“Your inner voice, your inner knowing is the most important thing because no one knows your child better than you do. No one.” 

Jess Ulrichs, Speaker at the RG Online Summit 2023

In this noisy world, we need to dial it all back to you..and your child.

You can quickly become lost trying to understand the science and evidence behind everything (don’t get me wrong, I love a good bit of evidence base), but we need to be conscious of staying connected to our own inner knowing at the same time.

It’s time to find your way and trust that you know your child best. 

Raised Good is a place where conversations act as a lighthouse, shining a light on conscious, connected, compassionate parenting choices. 

You may resonate with some of what we share here and other bits not so much, and that’s okay. I’m not here to give you a paint-by-numbers instruction manual for parenting – my job here is to help you attune to your child.

I long for a world where parents no longer worry: 

“What if I’m doing this all wrong?”

“Will others judge my natural parenting approach?”

“Is conscious parenting just an idealistic concept?”

I long for a world where every parent is brave enough to embrace their natural instincts.

This world is within your grasp, it that starts with and ripples out from you.

“This society runs roughshod over parent’s natural instincts.”

Dr. Gabor Maté, Speaker at the RG Online Summit 2023

Parenting your way

You are no different from the hundreds of experts who come to speak at the Raised Good Online Summit. While they may have read more or studied more, you have access to every piece of humanity and heart they do.

You too can choose the inner courage that leads you to be more attuned, conscious, and connected to your child; to parent through relationship, not strategy. You do this by silencing the white noise and following the beat of your own heart, and the natural curiosity of the child in front of you. 

When you choose to do things your way you are graced with the greatest reward of parenting – a deep connection with your child. This alone affirms that you’re on the right path.

“Maintain the connection. That is what parenting is. 80% of parenting is about connection.”

Dr. Laura Markham, Speaker at the RG Online Summit 2023

Presence over perfection

The truth is, parenting isn’t about perfection. It’s about presence. It’s about being there, in the trenches, during the highs and the lows, with our sleeves rolled up, ready to embrace whatever comes our way. It’s about heartbeats, breaths, pauses, laughter, and tears. It’s about building bridges, not walls, with our children.

Parenting is all about the small moments. 

Most of all, parenting is about that immeasurable, boundless love we have for our children, guiding us through even the most challenging moments. 

It’s time to silence the white noise of society and tune into the harmonious rhythm of your own heart. A rhythm that has been the beat of mothers around the world. Your rhythm. It is time to tune in to the profound language of love and connection. To understand what is best for you and what’s best for your child.

“There is no such thing as perfect parenting. Parenting is about being present.”

Dr. Dan Siegel, Speaker at the RG Online Summit 2023

Mama, you are the change we need to see in the world

So, to every mother reading this, I say: Embrace your journey. Celebrate your choices whatever they are. Hold your head high. And always know that in the grand orchestra of parenting, your unique song is indispensable.

At the upcoming Raised Good Online Summit, we aim not just to inspire but, more importantly, to remind you of the power you already possess. We are not here to dictate but to support. We’re here to stand beside you as you carve your own path, confidently knowing that it is filled with love, intuition, and wisdom.

Here’s to parenting with heart. Here’s to you, mama. You got this!

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Hi there!

I'm Tracy

Hi there! I’m Tracy - the founder, writer and advocate behind the award-winning blog, Raised Good - a guide to natural parenting in the modern world. Based in Vancouver and originally launched in 2016, I’ve been overwhelmed by the positive response and the global community that’s developed. 

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