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Most baby 'sleep problems' are not because babies sleep like babies, but because we expect them to sleep like adults."


- Sarah Ockwell-Smith

Blog Posts on Sleep

Kind Words from the Mama Village

“When I first came across Raised Good and read your articles on sleep, I cried” 

It was the first thing I had read that didn't make me feel that I was failing as a mother. My son was around 6 months old and had been extremely wakeful from birth. I was doing all the things I said I wasn't going to do, and all the things the baby books and society said I shouldn't. From then on my mindset started to change, I didn't feel guilty and ashamed for bed sharing and stopped worrying about "self soothing" and nursing to sleep. Taking that pressure away has helped greatly and it has opened up a whole new parenting style to me. Thank you xx” 

- Jemma Clarke

“Stumbling on your website is one of the best things to happen to me since the baby came.” 

You have taught me to trust myself when it comes to my baby! That is such a valuable thing. Instead of living in fear and doubt, [I’ve learn to go with] what I instinctively knew to be right. Thank you. Stumbling upon your website is one of the best things to happen to me since the baby came. Keep up the good work! You have made it into a ministry.

- Jessica Shephard

“Even as a midwife and IBCLC it's still hard to ignore the myths that are so entrenched in everyday baby culture.” 

Thank you so much for the reassurance about infant sleep. Even as a midwife and IBCLC it's still hard to ignore the myths that are so entrenched in everyday baby culture. However reading your advice has given me the confidence to know I'm doing the right thing. Sometimes you've just got to hear it from someone else. I'll be trusting my gut instinct more now.

- Claire Wiseman 

“ You are amazing and your words have hit close with me. Keep doing what you’re doing!”

My daughter is 9 months and we started cosleeping 3 months ago. I wish we would have done it from the get go, but as a new mom, I listened to family and friends constantly telling me what to do with sleep. Your website and these five sleep myths along with tons of additional research on benefits of no sleep training and cosleeping have led us to become parents who would never recommend sleep training to friends or family with new little bundles. Keep doing what you’re doing!” 

- Hannah Lucas 

“Since reading your material I have felt a sense of calm set in which has been a priceless feeling coming from a person who is very anxious and full of worries almost 24/7.” 

I feel like I am free and able to enjoy every day to its fullest, whether it's full of a crying baby who just needs my comfort and love or a happy baby whose huge gummy smile tells me he loves me through my struggles. I cannot thank you enough for the words you write for us parents to read and for creating this community of other like-minded parents.

- Jessie Fritzen, mother of one 


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